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skyscrapers, plural;
  1. A very tall building of many stories

  1. a very tall building with many stories
  2. A skyscraper is a tall, continuously habitable building. There is no official definition or height above which a building may clearly be classified as a skyscraper. ...
  3. Skyscraper was the second full-length album by David Lee Roth (of Van Halen), released in 1988. It was the last to feature guitarist Steve Vai, who left the group in 1989 to join Whitesnake and continue his solo career. ...
  4. Skyscraper were a UK-based rock band formed during 1992. The original line up consisted of Vic Kemlicz (guitar/vocals) previously of Camden band Milk, ex-Swervedriver bassist Adi Vines and drummer Oliver Grasset formerly of the band Pitchfork Skyscraper. ...
  5. Skyscraper is a 1996 direct-to-video movie starring Anna Nicole Smith. It was directed by Raymond Martino and written by William Applegate Jr. and John Larrabee. The movie's plot borrows heavily from the film Die Hard with Smith taking the lead role.
  6. Geauga Lake's Wildwater Kingdom is a waterpark located in Aurora, Ohio, United States, originally founded in 1888 as Geauga Lake. Geauga Lake had operated primarily as an amusement park. ...
  7. Skyscraper is an independent music magazine dedicated to coverage of a wide range of progressive and underground music. It was founded by Peter Bottomley and Andrew Bottomley and published its first issue in 1998. ...
  8. Skyscraper is a musical with a book by Peter Stone, lyrics by Sammy Cahn, and music by Jimmy Van Heusen.
  9. Skyscraper is the first full length play by David Auburn. It ran off-Broadway in 1997. It is a serious comedy about the deterioration of ingenuity and art.
  10. Tall Stories is a band featuring singer Steve Augeri, who also sang for Tyketto and Journey, guitarist Jack Morer, bassist Kevin Totoian, and drummer Tom DeFaria.
  11. (Skyscrapers) (Manila) From slums to luxury, you will then reach the metropolitan and highly-developed areas of Manila. Skyscrapers abound in Roxas Boulevard, Makati, and Fort Bonifacio.
  12. (Skyscrapers) Vertical, rectangular ads typically displayed on the left or right side of a Web page.
  13. An area of inventory much taller than it is wide.
  14. A small, triangular sail, above the skysail. Used in light winds on a few ships.
  15. 120 x 600 pixel online advert
  16. Advertising space in portrait format; most frequently placed on the right next to the editorial environment. Due to their large format, skyscrapers offer lots of space for information.
  17. A tall, thin online ad until. On, skyscraper ads measure either 160×600 or 300×600 and appear in the right rail of the site.
  18. Is an online ad which is taller vertically than it is wide horizontally, thereby resembling the shape of a skyscraper. There are two sizes: 160 x 600 pixels is considered a " wide" skyscraper, and 120 x 600 pixels is the size of a regular skyscraper.
  19. A long, vertical, online advert usually found running down the side of a page in a fixed placement. See also Universal Advertising Package.
  20. A vertical banner advert, usually at one side of a web page and 60 x 468 pixels in size.
  21. a multi-storied building constructed on steel skeleton, combining extraordinary height with ordinary rooms such as would be found in low buildings, the term originated in the United States in the later 1880s after buildings in New York reached ten stories
  22. A tall slender rectangular advertisement or service box.
  23. With no precise definition, buildings over 80 metres (approx. 24 storeys) are considered skyscrapers depending on their context
  24. A type of ad usually referring to either a 120x600 or 160x600 banner.
  25. A banner size that's tall and thin, often seen along the left or right hand side of a webpage. It could measure either 120x600 or 160x600 pixels.