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skulls, plural;
  1. Hit (someone) on the head

  1. A framework of bone or cartilage enclosing the brain of a vertebrate; the skeleton of a person's or animal's head

  2. A person's head or brain
    • - a skull crammed with too many thoughts

  1. the bony skeleton of the head of vertebrates
  2. The skull is a bony structure in the head of many animals that supports the structures of the face and protects the brain from injury.
  3. Cartoon Network (abbreviated CN, corporately known as The Cartoon Network, Inc.) is an American cable television network created by Turner Broadcasting which primarily shows animated programming. The original American channel began broadcasting on October 1, 1992 at 12:00 PM.
  4. Skull, in comics, may refer to: * Skull Comics, an underground comic published by Last Gasp Funnies * Skull the Slayer, a Marvel Comics character * SKULL (DC Comics), a DC Comics supervillain group * Old Skull (comics), a Marvel Comics character * Red Skull, a Marvel Comics character
  5. The SKULL group is a fictional DC Comics criminal organization, introduced in 1976's Superman issue #301. They were created by Gerry Conway and Curt Swan.
  6. In humans, the adult skull is normally made up of 22 bones. Except for the mandible, all of the bones of the skull are joined together by sutures, synarthrodial (immovable) joints formed by bony ossification, with Sharpey's fibres permitting some flexibility.
  7. The Eggerland series consists of several puzzle games developed by HAL Laboratory. Its first release was in 1985 for MSX computer systems. Many titles were made in the series and the gameplay is almost exactly the same in every game as well. ...
  8. The main bone of the head; the cranium; A symbol for death; death's-head; To hit in the head with a fist, a weapon, or a thrown object
  9. (3 skulls) There are 3 skulls on the cover of 'Insomniac' which represents Billie Joe, Tre and Mike
  10. (Skulls) Catch, Iron, Thunderstorm
  11. To dream of skulls grinning at you, is a sign of domestic quarrels and jars. Business will feel a shrinkage if you handle them. To see a friend's skull, denotes that you will receive injury from a friend because of your being preferred to him. ...
  12. The crown of the helmet, the central defense for the upper portion of the head. A casque consists of a 'skull' alone, while an armet or close helmet are built in several pieces, the visor and bevor attached in various fashions.
  13. Bones of the head. Breed Standards refer to that part from stop to occiput.
  14. The bone surrounding your brain that acts like a helmet, helping to protect your brain.
  15. To hit the ball above its center, usually on a chip or pitch shot, causing it to travel too far.
  16. The skull of a human head. (Think of the scene from Shakespeare's Hamlet where the prince holds a skull of Yorick, a former servant, bemoaning the pointlessness and temporary nature of worldly matters. ...
  17. (in  reptile (animal): Skull and dentition)
  18. Discovered by Lucy Steel while hiding from Valentine. She perceived the skull as being located inside a fireplace flue and subsequently became pregnant when it merged with her body. The skull's outline could then be seen against her stomach.
  19. to drink a beer in a single draught without taking a breath; quaff or chug-a-lug; also spelled skol [cf: skoal]
  20. A skulled shot is sort of half way between a thin shot and a top. A skulled shot is one where the leading edge of the club face strikes the ball right near the equator. The ball will have little or no spin and normally flies straight and low, perhaps only a few feet off the ground.
  21. went into hiding while the Viper, using funds she plied from Red Skull as part of a scheme to use televisions across America to blind TV viewers, was defeated by Captain America.
  22. To hit the upper part of ball, causing a fast, low shot
  23. (1) A layer of solidified metal or dross on the walls of a pouring vessel after the metal has been poured. (2) The unmelted residue from a liquated weld filler metal.
  24. Callsign of the SDF-1's Air Wing Commander. Also known as "Skull-One" or "Skull Leader."
  25. To strike the top of the ball with an upwards, glancing blow. Similar to "hitting it thin". Sometimes spelled "scull" as in the glancing motion of an oar that makes improper contact with the water.