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skins, plural;
  1. Remove the skin from (an animal or a fruit or vegetable)

  2. (in hyperbolic use) Punish severely
    • - Dad would skin me alive if I forgot it
  3. Scratch or scrape the skin off (a part of one's body)
    • - he scrambled down from the tree with such haste that he skinned his knees
  4. Take money from or swindle (someone)

  5. Cover with skin
    • - the wound was skinned, but the strength of his leg was not restored
  6. (of a wound) Form new skin
    • - the hole in his skull skinned over
  1. The thin layer of tissue forming the natural outer covering of the body of a person or animal
    • - I use body lotion to keep my skin soft
    • - a flap of skin
  2. The skin of a dead animal with or without the fur, used as material for clothing or other items
    • - is this real crocodile skin?
  3. A container made from the skin of an animal such as a goat, used for holding liquids

  4. An outer layer or covering, in particular

  5. The peel or outer layer of certain fruits or vegetables

  6. The thin outer covering of a sausage

  7. A thin layer forming on the surface of certain hot liquids, such as milk, as they cool

  8. The outermost layer of a structure such as a building or aircraft

  9. A customized graphic user interface for an application or operating system
    • - music, reviews, and attitude all wrapped up in the skin of a catalog
  10. A strip of sealskin or other material attached to the underside of a ski to prevent a skier from slipping backward while climbing

  11. A skinhead

  12. (esp. in jazz) A drum or drum head

  13. Relating to or denoting pornographic literature or films
    • - the skin trade

  1. a natural protective body covering and site of the sense of touch; "your skin is the largest organ of your body"
  2. clamber: climb awkwardly, as if by scrambling
  3. an outer surface (usually thin); "the skin of an airplane"
  4. bruise, cut, or injure the skin or the surface of; "The boy skinned his knee when he fell"
  5. bark: remove the bark of a tree
  6. hide: body covering of a living animal
  7. The skin is a soft outer covering of an animal, in particular a vertebrate. Other animal coverings such the arthropod exoskeleton or the seashell have different developmental origin, structure and chemical composition. ...
  8. Skin was 16 Volt's second album, which was released in 1994 under the Re-constriction label.
  9. Skin is a 2009 biographical film about Sandra Laing, a South African woman born to white parents but was classified as "coloured" during the apartheid era. Anthony Fabian directs this biopic, and Sophie Okonedo was chosen to portray Laing in the movie. ...
  10. The wings and fuselage of aircraft are covered by what is referred to as the skin. Birds and gliding mammals have an organic skin. Aircraft and then even spacecraft have a protective and functional covering that is also called the skin of the flying machines. ...
  11. Australian Aboriginal kinship is the system of law governing social interaction, particularly marriage, in traditional Aboriginal culture. It is an integral part of the culture of every Aboriginal group across Australia.
  12. "Skin" is a song by the American rock band Breaking Benjamin. It was released as the second single from the band's 2002 debut album Saturate.
  13. The outer protective layer of the body of any animal, including of a human; The outer protective layer of the fruit of a plant; The skin and fur of an individual animal used by humans for clothing, upholstery, etc; A congealed layer on the surface of a liquid; A set of resources that ...
  14. (skinful) Enough alcoholic drink to cause inebriation
  15. (skinship) Close bonding through physical contact
  16. (skinful) 1. as much alcohol as one can tolerate. 2. as much as one can tolerate, endure: e.g., I've had a skinful of those naughty kids of yours!
  17. (skins) Betting game where the lowest score on a hole wins the pot. If the hole is tied, the money carries over to the next hole.
  18. (Skins) One of a set of pre-designed templates for a blog, giving it a customized set of images, fonts and layouts. [Back to Index]
  19. (Skins) Synthetic or mohair strips of material that can be temporarily affixed to the bottom of skis for climbing up hills. Used to access higher elevations in the backcountry without constantly slipping backwards.
  20. (Skins) another word for rolling papers.
  21. (SKINS) A slang term some Mormons use to refer to their temple garments.
  22. (Skins) A graphic expression, referring to one of the seven principles of the human constitution. (See Seven Principles).
  23. (Skins) As related to housing and ISBU shipping container home construction, a Skin on the outside of the home. The Infrastructure may be wood, aluminum, plywood, or an ISBU shipping container, but the Skin can be wood siding, stucco, brick or any other material to look nice. ...
  24. (Skins) Auditions for the first series of E4 drama, Skins, took place at City of Bristol College. Former performing arts student, Mike Bailey, nabbed the role of Sid Jenkins in series one and two.
  25. (Skins) Long adhesive strips with fibbers on one sideband glue on the other which fasten to a ski or snowboard. ...