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sighted, past participle; sighting, present participle; sighted, past tense; sights, 3rd person singular present;
  1. Manage to see or observe (someone or something); catch an initial glimpse of
    • - tell me when you sight London Bridge
    • - the unseasonal sighting of a cuckoo
  2. Take aim by looking through the sights of a gun
    • - she sighted down the barrel
  3. Take a detailed visual measurement of something with or as with a sight

  4. Adjust the sight of (a firearm or optical instrument)

  1. the act of observing; "several sightings of enemy troops were reported"
  2. (Sightings (band)) Sightings is a New York City-based trio of musicians, operating on the boundaries of rock, noise, and avant-garde sounds. The lineup consists of Mark Morgan on guitar, Richard Hoffman on bass, and Jon Lockie on drums. ...
  3. (Sightings (TV series)) Sightings was an American paranormal documentary and news television series that originally aired from to 1997 on Fox. The program began as a special titled The UFO Report: Sightings in October 18th, 1991. ...
  4. Simplest type of perspective by which you simply draw what you see infant of you. Requires an object, and years of skill.
  5. A sighting of a supposed exterrestrial or alien event, like the signal sent in the episode 'Into the Woods'. River Dog mentions that he witnessed a sighting before that night, but he doesn't say when. He knew where it was and led the kids to the same spot in the epi 'ITW'.
  6. Observing with the eye. Applied to document, means examining and signing as evidence of satisfaction as to its authenticity.