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siblings, plural;
  1. Each of two or more children or offspring having one or both parents in common; a brother or sister

  1. a person's brother or sister
  2. (Siblings) Brothers and/or sisters.
  3. (Siblings) sister(s) or brother(s) of the decedent.
  4. (Siblings (Basic)) A checkbox which extends search from the name selected to the concept name that is at the same level as the selected name. When searching for a genus name, select this box to extend the search to other genus names within the same family.
  5. (Siblings) All the offspring from one litter, or sometimes offspring with the same parents from two different litters.
  6. (Siblings) Corran Whitestripe (tigertaur), Lt. Commander Red Phoenix (fox), Ken "Red" Oddfellow (foxdragon)
  7. (Siblings) The seedlings resulting from one specific cross between two parents.
  8. (Siblings) Two or more biologically related children available for adoption.
  9. (Siblings) the other kids who live at your house. Before you had a daughter with Rett, they were called brothers and sisters.
  10. Dreaming of siblings can be pretty ordinary stuff. If you have brothers and/or sisters in waking life, it would be expected that in dreams of your family, they would be present. ...
  11. A sibling is a document that shares a common parent with the document in question (e.g. two attachments that share the same parent email or are sibling documents in the same Zip file).
  12. A blood relative that comes from the same set of parents.
  13. Sibling Concepts identify other species of the same genus as the concept being viewed. Man, lion and giraffe are all sibling concepts as they are all more specific classifications of the genus 'animal'.
  14. A person with whom one shares parents. For example, the daughter of your father's mother is his sibling.
  15. A node that shares a parent with another node, located below it or above it.
  16. Windows that have the same parent window.
  17. one of two or more children having common parents; a brother or a sister.
  18. A member that is on the same generation as another. Jan, Feb, and Mar are siblings.
  19. An orchid that is related to another orchid by virtue of having been produced from the same seedpod.
  20. A tree node at the same level as another node, where both roll up into the same parent.
  21. Qualities you associate with an actual sibling; feelings of kinship or sense of rivalry / If older: Experience; your capable outgoing self / If younger: Vulnerable feelings; yourself at that age
  22. A sibling is someone that you have a parent(s) -- natural or not -- in common with. Your brother(s) and sister(s).
  23. Objects of the same class are called siblings. Siblings are allowed to access the private elements of other siblings.
  24. for the purposes of granting or denying visitation or a “sibling petition,” a child related to another person by blood, adoption, or affinity through a common legal or biological parent. [WIC §§362.1(c), 388(b).]
  25. Children of the same parents.