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shortages, plural;
  1. A state or situation in which something needed cannot be obtained in sufficient amounts
    • - a shortage of hard cash
    • - food shortages

  1. deficit: the property of being an amount by which something is less than expected or required; "new blood vessels bud out from the already dilated vascular bed to make up the nutritional deficit"
  2. dearth: an acute insufficiency
  3. Economic shortage is a term describing a disparity between the amount demanded for a product or service and the amount supplied in a market. Specifically, a shortage occurs when there is excess demand; therefore, it is the opposite of a surplus.
  4. a lack or deficiency; not enough, not sufficient
  5. Shortages or non-receipt must be reported within 15 days of the ship date.
  6. (12. Shortages) Buyer must make claim for credit due to shortage within ten (10) days of the date of the shipment. Any shortage claim not made within this period is conclusively deemed waived by Buyer.
  7. (11. Shortages) Peter Beales Roses should be informed in the event of any shortages within 3 working days from the date of delivery.
  8. (SHORTAGES) All claims for shortages must be filed within 10 days from customer's receipt of shipment.   All shipments leaving our plant are shipped in a safe and secure manner.  We are not responsible for loss or damage during transit.  Any claims for losses must be made with the carrier.
  9. (Shortages) All claims for shortages must be received by WP no later than 7 days after delivery and must specify the relevant invoice number(s) and the details of the shortage. WP is not liable for claims received later than 7 days from delivery date.
  10. (Shortages) Many energy experts warn of energy shortages after, and possibly before, the production peaks of fossil fuels.
  11. (Shortages) Open and inspect all cartons upon receipt. Claim for shortages will only be honored when reported promptly. (Maximum 24 hours from receipt.)
  12. (Shortages) Telephone 01460 240066 immediately so the problem can be rectified.
  13. (Shortages) short delivery or receipt of damaged goods must be advised within 5 working days of delivery quoting our document reference number. We will endeavour to rectify the problem as quickly as possible. Claims submitted after this period will not be valid.
  14. a deficiency in quantity shipped.
  15. Shortages occur in a market economy when the demand for workers for a particular occupation is greater than the supply of workers who are qualified, available, and willing to do that job.
  16. Shortage claims should be made immediately upon receipt and inspection of material within 10 business days.
  17. The negative difference between actual available or delivered quantity and the required quantity.
  18. A part not available for a Released Works Order. Jobs should not be Released with shortages without the approval of the appropriate operational manager.
  19. A shortfall of a product's order or weight or of money.
  20. the situation in which quantity demanded is greater than quantity supplied (chapter 3)
  21. a situation in which demand exceeds supply at the current price
  22. When the number of pieces in a shipment are fewer that the piece count shown on the movement document.
  23. An unaccounted for discrepancy (missing quantity) of beer disclosed by physical inventory.
  24. The number of units received is less than the quantity shown on shipping documents. The outstanding units may be delivered later.
  25. An open requirement with no inventory in the organization to support the requirement.