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shipped, past participle; shipped, past tense; ships, 3rd person singular present; shipping, present participle;
  1. Transport (goods or people) on a ship
    • - the wounded soldiers were shipped home
  2. Transport by some other means
    • - the freight would be shipped by rail
  3. Send (a package) somewhere via the mail service or a private company
    • - his papers have already been shipped to the University of Kansas
  4. Make (a product) available for purchase

  5. Embark on a ship
    • - people wishing to get from London to New York ship at Liverpool
  6. (of a sailor) Serve on a ship
    • - Jack, you shipped with the Admiral once, didn't you?
  7. (of a boat) Take in (water) over the side

  8. Take (oars) from the oarlocks and lay them inside a boat

  9. Fix (something such as a rudder or mast) in its place on a ship

  1. (ship) transport: transport commercially
  2. (ship) a vessel that carries passengers or freight
  3. (ship) hire for work on a ship
  4. (ship) embark: go on board
  5. travel by ship
  6. (ship) place on board a ship; "ship the cargo in the hold of the vessel"
  7. Shipping has multiple meanings. It can be a physical process of transporting goods and cargo, by land, air, and sea. It also can describe the movement of objects by ship.
  8. A ship is a large vessel that floats on water. Ships are generally distinguished from boats based on size and cargo or passenger capacity. ...
  9. (Ship (comics)) The fictional A.I. entity originally known as Ship has appeared in several incarnations in the Marvel Universe. At times controlled by both the X-Men and their enemies, the sentient Ship A.I. ...
  10. (SHIP (game)) Beer pong is a drinking game loosely based on ping pong, that involves use of paddles to hit a ping pong ball into obstacles on the opposing side. The origin of beer pong is generally credited to fraternity students at Dartmouth College. ...
  11. (Ship (geometry)) In geometry, the {7/2} heptagrammic prism is one of an infinite set of nonconvex prisms formed by square sides and two regular star polygon caps, in this case two {7/2} heptagrams.
  12. (Shipping (fandom)) Shipping, derived from the word "relationship", is a general term for fans' emotional and/or intellectual involvement with the ongoing development of romance in a work of fiction. ...
  13. (ship) A water-borne vessel larger than a boat; A vessel which travels through any medium other than across land, such as an airship or spaceship; A sailing vessel with three or more square-rigged masts; To send a parcel or container to a recipient (by any means of transport); To send by ...
  14. (shipping) The transportation of goods; The body of ships belonging to one nation, port or industry; Passage or transport on a ship; The cost of sending an item or package via postal services
  15. (Ship) A larger vessel usually thought of as being used for ocean travel. A vessel able to carry a "boat" on board.
  16. (Ship) Today, the term “ship” is used to refer to all large vessels. It once referred to a sailing vessel with three or more masts, all with square rigging.
  17. (SHIP) stands for Srch homology 2 (SH2) domain-containing inositol phosphatase; family of phosphatases that contain SH2 domains; Connections Map Component -- SH2-containing Inositide phosphatase
  18. (Ship) in the 18th century, a sailing vessel of at least three masts and square rigged sails.
  19. (Ship) Strictly, a three-masted vessel square-rigged on all three masts, or on three masts of a vessel with more than three. Hence a ship rigged barque would be a four master, square rigged on fore, main and mizzen, with spanker and gaff topsail only on the Jigger-mast. ...
  20. (Ship) A sea-going vessel. 2. Vessel having a certificate of registry. Technically, a sailing vessel having three or more masts with yards crossed on all of them. In Victorian times, any vessel with yards on three masts was termed a "ship" even if other masts were fore and aft rigged. ...
  21. (SHIP) Individuals who are members of the same intake class.
  22. (SHIP) Mouse's name for her ship. RB: 2
  23. (SHIP) Significantly Huge Investment in Parts. A very large LEGO creation — particularly a LEGO space creation. As used in the LEGO space fan community, a SHIP is generally at least 100 studs long.
  24. (SHIP) Students with High Intellectual Potential
  25. (SHIP) Your journey through the sea of life; how well you navigate through the rough and smooth parts, especially in terms of emotions / Undergoing major transformations; processing large emotional issues / If sinking: Feeling overwhelmed by life; fear of a relationship ending / (see CRUISE, OCEAN)