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shining, present participle; shone, past tense; shines, 3rd person singular present; shined, past tense; shined, past participle; shone, past participle;
  1. (of the sun or another source of light) Give out a bright light
    • - the sun shone through the window
  2. Glow or be bright with reflected light
    • - I could see his eyes shining in the light of the fire
  3. Direct (a flashlight or other light) somewhere in order to see something in the dark
    • - an usher shines his flashlight into the boys' faces
  4. (of something with a smooth surface) Reflect light because clean or polished
    • - my shoes were polished until they shone like glass
  5. (of a person's eyes) Be bright with the expression of a particular emotion
    • - his eyes shone with excitement
  6. Be brilliant or excellent at something
    • - she shines at comedy
  7. (of a quality or skill) Be clearly evident
    • - at Regis his talent shone through
  8. Make (an object made of leather, metal, or wood) bright by rubbing it; polish
    • - his shoes were shined to perfection
  1. A quality of brightness, esp. through reflecting light
    • - a shine of saliva on his chin
  2. A high polish or sheen; a luster
    • - use shoe polish to try and get a shine
    • - my hair has lost its shine
  3. An act of rubbing something to give it a shiny surface
    • - Tom's shoes got a quick shine from a boy with a buffing cloth
  4. offensive. A contemptuous term for a black or dark-skinned person

  1. radiance: the quality of being bright and sending out rays of light
  2. reflect: be bright by reflecting or casting light; "Drive carefully--the wet road reflects"
  3. emit light; be bright, as of the sun or a light; "The sun shone bright that day"; "The fire beamed on their faces"
  4. glitter: be shiny, as if wet; "His eyes were glistening"
  5. be distinguished or eminent; "His talent shines"
  6. be clear and obvious; "A shining example"
  7. Shine! / Short Term Memory Loss is a 1996 (see 1996 in music) split single by stoner rock band Kyuss and rock band Wool. It was pressed in black and limited brown marble 7" vinyl.
  8. "Shine" (originally titled "That's Why They Call Me Shine") is a popular song with lyrics by Cecil Mack and Tin Pan Alley songwriter Lew Brown and music by Ford Dabney. It was published in 1910 by Gotham-Attucks and used by Ada Walker in His Honor the Barber, an African-American road show.
  9. "Shine" is a rock single from 3 Doors Down, which was used in the 2010 Winter Olympics. The song was released on digital outlets such as iTunes on February 9, 2010.
  10. Into the Rush is the debut studio album from pop rock/alternative rock duo Aly & AJ. The original version was released on August 16, 2005 by the Disney-owned label Hollywood Records. ...
  11. "Shine" became reggae group Aswad's second big hit, after 1988's "Don't Turn Around". Released in early 1994 in a radically remixed form courtesy of The Beatmasters, it was the first single from the group's album Rise And Shine. ...
  12. SHINE released their first album “The Common Station” in 2008. The band drew interest by their supporting acts for Sia in London and for Morcheeba during their latest european tour. ...
  13. Shine is the second album released by the classical crossover string quartet Bond. It went Gold in six countries and it also spent five consecutive weeks in the US Classical Crossover charts. Bond have described it as an "ethnic" album.
  14. "Shine" is the first single from Bond's album Shine and it is based on an Eastern genre. This single was used in many fashion shows with the single "Fuego", including Miss World (2001) and Miss Universe 2003.
  15. "Shine" is a song by American post-grunge band Collective Soul. It served as the lead single from their 1993 debut album, Hints, Allegations, and Things Left Unsaid. "Shine" would remain the band's most well known song and a hallmark of 1990s alternative rock. ...
  16. Shine was a various artists compilation album series released by PolyGram TV in Britain from 1995 to 1998, centering on indie rock, largely from new British bands (several American bands, like Green Day and Dinosaur Jr. appeared sparingly). ...
  17. Shine was an album released exclusively in Japan in 2004 by singer Cyndi Lauper. The album was ready for release in 2001 but Edel Records, the label it was recorded with, folded. ...
  18. "Shine" was the title track and only single released from Cyndi Lauper's Shine album.
  19. Shine is a 2003 (see 2003 in music) album by songwriter and record producer Daniel Lanois. It was his first solo effort in ten years.
  20. A Century Ends is the debut studio album by musician David Gray. It was originally released in April 1993. Following the success of Gray's fourth album White Ladder which sparked an interest in his back catalogue, A Century Ends was re-released on July 2, 2001. ...
  21. "Shine" is a song by De Toppers and was the Dutch entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2009. The song was composed by Bas van den Heuvel and Gordon (under the pseudonym Ger van de Westelaken).
  22. Shine is the 4th studio album by the Symphonic metal band Edenbridge.
  23. Shine is the second album by hip hop singer, Estelle. The album was released on 31 March 2008 with the lead single, "Wait a Minute (Just a Touch)", released in November 2007. ...
  24. Brightness from a source of light; Brightness from reflected light; Excellence in quality or appearance; Shoeshine; Sunshine; Moonshine; The amount of shininess on a cricket ball, or on each side of the ball; To emit light; To reflect light; To distinguish oneself; to excel; To be ...
  25. (shining) Emitting light; Reflecting light; Having a high polish or sheen; Having exceptional merit