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shelves, 3rd person singular present; shelved, past tense; shelved, past participle; shelving, present participle;
  1. (of ground) Slope downward in a specified manner or direction
    • - the ground shelved gently down to the water

  1. postpone: hold back to a later time; "let's postpone the exam"
  2. place on a shelf; "shelve books"
  3. Şəlvə (also, Shal’va, Shel’va, and Shel’ve) is a village in the Lachin Rayon of Azerbaijan.
  4. (Shelved) In the film industry, a film is considered shelved if it is not released for public viewing after filming has started, or even completed.
  5. (Shelving) This article is about surgical anatomy. Readers interested in other usages are referred to the shelf disambiguation article.
  6. (shelving) Shelves considered as a mass
  7. (Shelved) A term for when a project has been abandoned – yes of course you knew this, but American colleagues will say this project has been “tabled”.
  8. (SHELVING) An equaliser response affecting all frequencies above or below the break frequency i.e. a high-pass or low-pass derived response.
  9. (Shelving) A means of rolling off the high or low frequencies. It is similar to a bass or treble control.
  10. (Shelving) Acknowledging an offer but not doing anything with it, with the intent of using it later. Of course, later never comes.
  11. (Shelving) Any system where loading and picking of stock is done manually.
  12. (Shelving) Collectively, the shelves upon which books and other library materials are stored.
  13. (Shelving) In addition to a need for basic storage, we cater to specialized needs as well, including unique storage solutions for libraries, museums, law enforcement and others. To meet this broad array of niche needs, we have a plethora of shelves and accessories that solve any storage problem.
  14. (Shelving) Status that appears when an item has been recently returned and is in the process of being shelved.
  15. (Shelving) The setting of the on-axis output of complementary drivers (woofers, mid-range, tweeters) to provide the desired frequency response.
  16. (shelving) Maximum boost or cut at a particular frequency that remains constant at all points beyond that hequency so the response curve resembles a shelf.
  17. Shelving is a term that is used to describe a storage unit used in the storage of hand loaded products as opposed to racking which is typically pallets stored with the use of a forklift or other mechanical device. ...
  18. To move a work from exhibition or other location to storage. Informally, to stop an action or activity before completion. See store.