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shells, plural;
  1. Bombard with shells
    • - the guns started shelling their positions
  2. Remove the shell or pod from (a nut or seed)
    • - they were shelling peas
    • - shelled Brazil nuts
  3. Gather seashells
    • - there was nothing to do except swim or go shelling on the beaches
  1. The hard protective outer case of a mollusk or crustacean
    • - cowrie shells
    • - the technique of carving shell
  2. The thin outer covering of an animal's egg, which is hard and fragile in that of a bird but leathery in that of a reptile

  3. The outer case of a nut kernel or seed

  4. The carapace of a tortoise, turtle, or terrapin

  5. The wing cases of a beetle

  6. The integument of an insect pupa or chrysalis

  7. Used with reference to a state of shyness or introversion
    • - she'll soon come out of her shell with the right encouragement
  8. Something resembling or likened to a shell because of its shape or its function as an outer case
    • - pasta shells
    • - baked pastry shells filled with cheese
  9. The walls of an unfinished or gutted building or other structure
    • - the hotel was a shell, the roof having collapsed completely
  10. An outer form without substance
    • - he was a shell of the man he had been previously
  11. A light racing boat used in the sport of crew

  12. A woman's sleeveless sweater or blouse

  13. The metal framework of a vehicle body

  14. An inner or roughly made coffin

  15. The hand guard of a sword

  16. Each of a set of orbitals around the nucleus of an atom, occupied or able to be occupied by electrons of similar energies

  17. An explosive artillery projectile or bomb
    • - the sound of the shell passing over, followed by the explosion
    • - shell holes
  18. A hollow metal or paper case used as a container for fireworks, explosives, or cartridges

  19. A cartridge

  1. ammunition consisting of a cylindrical metal casing containing an explosive charge and a projectile; fired from a large gun
  2. blast: use explosives on; "The enemy has been shelling us all day"
  3. blast: create by using explosives; "blast a passage through the mountain"
  4. the material that forms the hard outer covering of many animals
  5. carapace: hard outer covering or case of certain organisms such as arthropods and turtles
  6. fall out of the pod or husk; "The corn shelled"
  7. A shell corporation is a company which serves as a vehicle for business transactions without itself having any significant assets or operations. Shell corporations are not in themselves illegal and they may have legitimate business purposes. ...
  8. A shell is a piece of software that provides an interface for users of an operating system which provides access to the services of a kernel. ...
  9. Shell Oil Company is the United States-based subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell, a multinational oil company ("oil major") of Anglo Dutch origins, which is amongst the largest oil companies in the world. Approximately 22,000 Shell employees are based in the U.S. The head office in the U.S. ...
  10. Royal Dutch Shell plc , commonly known as Shell, is a global oil and gas company headquartered in The Hague, Netherlands and with its registered office at the Shell Centre in London, United Kingdom. ...
  11. An exoskeleton is an external skeleton that supports and protects an animal's body, in contrast to the internal skeleton (endoskeleton) of, for example, a human. Some animals, such as the tortoise, have both an endoskeleton and an exoskeleton. ...
  12. A shell is a payload-carrying projectile, which, as opposed to shot, contains an explosive or other filling, though modern usage sometimes includes large solid projectiles properly termed shot (AP, APCR, APCNR, APDS, APFSDS and proof shot). ...
  13. The calcareous or chitinous external covering of mollusks, crustaceans, and some other invertebrates; The hard calcareous covering of a bird egg; The exoskeleton or wing covers of certain insects; The covering, or outside part, of a nut; A pod containing the seeds of certain plants, such as the ...
  14. A diminutive of the female given name Michelle
  15. (Shells) To walk among and gather shells in your dream, denotes extravagance. Pleasure will leave you naught but exasperating regrets and memories. See Mussels and Oysters.
  16. (Shells) A more common term for Quantum Levels. The Shell of an element is simply the energy level of the orbit that a specific electron of the element occupies. Each element has a number of different Shells or energy levels that its electrons orbit in.
  17. (shells) Where the electrons generally are. These shells are composed of 4 types of electron subshells: s, p, d and f subshells.
  18. (Shells) A marketing and sales promotional piece that depicts a destination, accommodation or attraction on the cover and provides space for copy to be added at a later date. Usually shells fit a number 10 envelope.
  19. (Shells) A pattern made from clusters.
  20. (Shells) Bullets (Pick-Up, 3)
  21. (Shells) Hollow balls filled with explosive material which are fired by a fuse.
  22. (Shells) The round, moulded wood used to make the shell of the drums. Shells are often made from plywood, maple, birch and even fibreglass.
  23. (Shells) are mineral structures formed by aquatic creatures and land mollusks. Lustrous shells including mother-of-pearl have been carved into cameos and buttons since antiquity. The beauty and variety of shells make them a sought-after decorative material.
  24. (Shells) large shell shaped pasta used for stuffing.
  25. (Shells) that provide command line interaction and execution for applications