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settees, plural;
  1. A long upholstered seat for more than one person, typically with a back and arms

  1. settle: a long wooden bench with a back
  2. a small sofa
  3. A couch is a generic term in North America, Australia (Most commonly known as a lounge), New Zealand, and sometimes the United Kingdom for an item of furniture designed to seat more than one person and providing support for the back and arms. Typically, it will have an armrest on either side. ...
  4. A long seat with a back, made to accommodate several persons at once; a sofa; A vessel with a very long, sharp prow, carrying two or three masts with lateen sails, -- used in the Mediterranean
  5. Long seat with side arms and back, sometimes upholstered.
  6. Originally, a row of three chairs that were fused together and sold as part of a suite.
  7. A seat or bench with a back, usually for up to 2 3 people
  8. Another term for couch, originally referring to a bench with back and arms for seating two or more people.
  9. A seat with back and arm rests designed for two or more that came into use in the 17th century as a more comfortable alternative to the settle, a Gothic furniture form. (The settle is a bench with a paneled back and sides. ...
  10. A long bench seat with armrests and back, designed for two persons to sit side-by-side; also called a Loveseat
  11. A long seat or bench with a back and arms at each end to accommodate two or more people.
  12. A long seat or bench with a high back and often with arms.
  13. A wide chair, for two or more persons.
  14. medium-sized sofa or long bench
  15. Another word for a sofa.