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setbacks, plural;
  1. A reversal or check in progress
    • - a serious setback for the peace process
  2. A plain, flat offset in a wall

  3. The distance by which a building or part of a building is set back from the property line

  1. reverse: an unfortunate happening that hinders or impedes; something that is thwarting or frustrating
  2. A setback, sometimes called step-back, is a step-like recession in a wall. Setbacks were initially used for structural reasons, but now are often mandated by land use codes.
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  4. In land use, a setback is the distance which a building or other structure is set back from a street or road, a river or other stream, a shore or flood plain, or any other place which needs protection. ...
  5. An obstacle, delay, or disadvantage; The required distance between a structure and a road; A backset; a countercurrent; an eddy; A backset; a check; a repulse; a ; a relapse
  6. (Setbacks) (Setback Line; Building Line) A distance required by a local government or private restriction that buildings be "setback" from the street, sides or back lines of a parcel.
  7. (Setbacks) The distance that a structure is set back from the property boundary.  Different zone districts have different setback requirements; and this is largely to ensure that structures will have fire protection, access to light and air, and the ability to be maintained and repaired without ...
  8. (Setbacks) a specified distance from an existing structure or feature (such as a well or septic system) in which you cannot build. For instance, your building may need to be set back 30' from the road.
  9. (Setbacks) collectively, the areas of the front, rear and side yards of a parcel, the dimensions of which are defined by zoning classification in the zoning ordinance, where buildings are not permitted to be placed or constructed
  10. (Setbacks) setback line means a line usually parallel to the plot boundaries and laid down in each case in the zoning plan beyond which nothing can be constructed towards the site boundaries.
  11. Setbacks are boundary lines that encroach into your property to limit the location of the building, site walls, parking and grading limits.   These limits are there to protect your neighbors and you from the impact of improvements on your property as well as their property. ...
  12. Zoning restrictions on the amount of land required surrounding improvements; the amount of space required between the lot line and the building line.
  13. The distance a building must be set back from the property lines in accordance with local zoning ordinances or deed restrictions.
  14. The minimum distance a house or buildings must be from the lot line.
  15. Zoning requirement that requires a building or an improvement to be set back a certain number of feet from the property line.
  16. The distance from a curb, property line or other reference point, within which building is prohibited.
  17. The minimum distance required between a man-made structure and a watercourse. This distance is measured from the top edge of the highest channel bank or the edge of the 100-year flood water surface elevation.
  18. A line within the property line; boundaries beyond which a permanent structure cannot be built.
  19. 1. The distance a home must be built from property lines, governed by local zoning codes. 2. Temporary change in a thermostat’s setting.
  20. The distance between the property line and the allowable buildable space. Setbacks are used to assure adequate space between buildings and from the road for a variety of purposes, including drainage, utility and emergency access, and neighborhood quality.
  21. Reducing the level of heating from a system to the lowest practical point especially during periods when the activities or occupation patterns allow it
  22. The required distance measured from the right-of-way in which construction may not encroach.
  23. Denotes the positioning of a levee or structure in relationship to a stream bank. A setback levee is placed a substantial distance from a stream to allow it to meander without consequences to the levee and to accommodate a floodplain that can store and convey flood flows. ...
  24. The distance between a specified lot line and the foundation or exterior wall of a building or structure.
  25. A distance from the edge of a water body within which intensive development is restricted. Setbacks are established by local regulation for the purpose of maintaining open space next to streams, lakes, and other water bodies. ...