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Able to be separated or treated separately,
  1. Able to be separated or treated separately
    • - body and soul are not separable
  2. (of a German prefix) Separated from the base verb when inflected

  3. (of a German verb) Consisting of a prefix and a base verb that are separated when inflected, e.g., einführen

  4. (of an English phrasal verb) Allowing the insertion of the direct object between the base verb and the particle, e.g., look it over as opposed to go over it

  1. dissociable: capable of being divided or dissociated; "often drugs and crime are not dissociable"; "the siamese twins were not considered separable"; "a song...never conceived of as severable from the melody";
  2. (separability) the capability of being separated
  3. In mathematics and in physics, separability may refer to properties of: * Separable differential equations ** Separable ordinary differential equation, a class of equations that can be separated into a pair of integrals ** Separable partial differential equation, a class of equations that can be ...
  4. In mathematics a topological space is called separable if it contains a countable dense subset; that is, there exists a sequence of elements of the space such that every nonempty open subset of the space contains at least one element of the sequence.
  5. Able to be separated; Of a metric space, that it has a countable dense subset
  6. (separability) Prepositional verbs are not separable: it is never correct, in other words, to place the direct object between the verb and the following preposition as in, Harry had been thinking his mother about. ...
  7. (separability) The outcome for disjoint subsets of voters is the same as that of their union. [Smith 1973]; [Young 1975]: consistency
  8. A bearing that may be separated completely or partially into its component parts.
  9. distinct ( from de);