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Of a more advanced age,
  1. Of a more advanced age
    • - he is 20 years senior to Leonard
  2. Of or for students in the final year of college or high school

  3. Relating to or denoting competitors of above a certain age or of the highest status in a particular sport

  4. Of, for, or denoting schoolchildren above a certain age, typically eleven

  5. (in names) Denoting the elder of two who have the same name in a family, esp. a father as distinct from his son
    • - Henry James senior
  6. Holding a high and authoritative position
    • - he is a senior Finance Ministry official
  7. Holding a higher position than
    • - the people senior to me in my department
  1. A person who is a specified number of years older than someone else
    • - she was only two years his senior
  2. An elderly person, esp. one who is retired and living on a pension

  3. A student in the final year of college or high school

  4. A student in a school for older children, esp. those eleven and over

  5. A competitor of above a certain age or of the highest status in a particular sport
    • - at fourteen you move up to the seniors

  1. an undergraduate student during the year preceding graduation
  2. older; higher in rank; longer in length of tenure or service; "senior officer"
  3. senior(a): used of the fourth and final year in United States high school or college; "the senior prom"
  4. elder: a person who is older than you are
  5. aged: advanced in years; (`aged' is pronounced as two syllables); "aged members of the society"; "elderly residents could remember the construction of the first skyscraper"; "senior citizen"
  6. Senior is an instrumental album from Norwegian duo Röyksopp, released on 13 September 2010. The album has been described as an introspective, withdrawn, atmospheric counterpart to energetic Junior. Röyksopp described the album as having an "autumn mood" to it, while Junior had a "spring feel". ...
  7. Senior is a term used in the United States to describe a student in the 4th year of study (generally referring to high school or college/university study).
  8. A name suffix, in the Western English-language naming tradition, follows a person’s full name and provides additional information about the person. Post-nominal letters indicate that the individual holds a position, educational degree, accreditation, office or honour.
  9. The Senior is the fourth studio album by American singer Ginuwine, released in the United States on April 8, 2003 (see 2003 in music) via Epic Records. The album was primarily produced by Bryan-Michael Cox, with additional production from Scott Storch and R. Kelly. It debuted at #6 on the U.S. ...
  10. (Seniors (Manitoba ministry)) Since 1988, the Executive Council of Manitoba has included a minister responsible for Seniors. The position is not a full cabinet portfolio.
  11. (The Seniors) Four college seniors open a bogus sex clinic, which unexpectedly mushrooms into a multi-million dollar business. Featuring a young Dennis Quaid in one of his earliest roles and Alan Reed (the original voice of Fred Flintstone) in his final film appearance.
  12. an older person; a final-year student at a high school or university; Older; superior; Higher in rank within a publicly traded company or other organization; of or pertaining to a student's final academic year at a high school or university
  13. (SENIORLY) acting like a SENIOR – wow! so many choices
  14. (Seniors) For travel and tourism purposes, anyone over 60 years of age.
  15. (Seniors) Generally the term Seniors applies to individuals over the age of 55 when talking about rent geared to income housing.
  16. (Seniors) Girls in grades 9-10 are Girl Scout Seniors.
  17. (Seniors) New Western Australian Seniors' Cards were issued with integrated SmartRiders in May 2006.
  18. (Seniors) Persons 65 years or older who present an RTA Reduced Fare Card/Permit can ride for less--usually half the regular fare. Seniors must apply in person to obtain a Reduced Fare Card/Permit. Please call the RTA Travel Information Center at 836-7000 for a registration location near you.
  19. (Seniors) a broad reference to those who have been a member for a long term and who have achieved some degree of status. Status is given by someone higher up the food chain – for example a member may be given the position of ‘centre -in- charge’ or ‘national co-ordinator’ etc. ...
  20. A 5K fresnel lighting unit. (Lighting)
  21. Boss. As in, "I have to get this paperwork checked by my senior."
  22. A source of constant guilt trips.
  23. A rabbit 6 months of age or over in those breeds having 4 showroom classes. A rabbit 8 months of age or over in breeds having 6 showroom classes. An animal having reached minimum senior breed weight, if allowed in the breed standard.
  24. A senior researcher in the sense of the RBUCE-UP Project is a non French resident active researcher having a track record of significant research achievements in the last 10 years which must be presented in the application. ...
  25. A senior is an individual who is 59 years of age or older. However, some housing providers have mandates that consider seniors be at least 65 years of age. You may not apply for any building with a seniors mandate until at least one member of the household is 59.