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The quality or condition of being selfish,
  1. The quality or condition of being selfish
    • - an act of pure selfishness

  1. stinginess resulting from a concern for your own welfare and a disregard of others
  2. (selfish) concerned chiefly or only with yourself and your advantage to the exclusion of others; "Selfish men were...trying to make capital for themselves out of the sacred cause of civil rights"- Maria Weston Chapman
  3. (selfishly) egotistically: in an egotistical manner; "he behaved egotistically"
  4. Selfishness denotes the precedence given in thought or deed to the self, i.e., self interest or self concern. It is the act of placing one's own needs or desires above the needs or desires of others. ...
  5. (Selfish (Asia Cruise song)) "Selfish" is the debut single from Asia Cruise, from her upcoming debut album, Who Is Asia Cruise?. The song was written and produced by Dwayne Nesmith and Pierre Medor—better known as Tha Cornaboyz—and Tyrrell Bing. ...
  6. (Selfish (House)) House is scheduled to enter a seventh season on September 20, 2010. This season will address House and Cuddy's relationship. In Bulgaria, Nova Television will begin airing the seventh season on September 24, 2010, only four days after the original US-air.
  7. the quality of being selfish, the condition of putting one's own interests before those of others
  8. (selfish) Holding one’s self-interest as the standard for decision making; Having regard for oneself above others’ well-being
  9. (selfishly) In a selfish manner; with regard to private interest only or chiefly
  10. (Selfish) Research upon narcissists’ behaviour in resource dilemmas supports the case for narcissists as being selfish.^[15]
  11. (Selfish) A personality characteristic of a person who causes negative impacts to others by being obsessed at satisfying his own needs first.
  12. (Selfish) A trait of every egocentric conservative and libertarian who resists the supremacy of our utopian Marxist state.
  13. (Selfish) What I label you when you nurture your true self instead of capitulate to my false self.
  14. (Selfish) What the owner of a seafood store does
  15. (Selfish) the pursuit of self interest; a virtue when linked to becoming the greatest possible instrument of learning along the path of the Soul;
  16. (selfish) A gene that increases its own transmission but reduces the fitness of the individual that carries it.
  17. (selfish) anyone who covets what is left of their freedom and the fruits of their own labor and attempts to protect it from government predation
  18. Making the gratification of the personal self or ego the paramount aim in conduct; a disregard of the interests of others. While individualism is a necessary stage in evolution, yet humanity on the upward arc of evolution is on the road towards realization of the essential unity of all selves. ...
  19. the commitment, in action, to one's self, i.e., one's own values; a persistent quest to achieve — and the refusal to betray — one's values for any reason. Here, it is embodied consistently in the life of Howard Roark.
  20. (1) devoid of consideration for the selfishness of others. (2) seeking your own good at the world's cost. (3) the only real atheism.
  21. Altruism and selfishness are considered to be equivalent terms in science of ethics. They both are interpreted to mean acting in one’s long-term best interest.
  22. Thinking of or acting upon that which is in one's interest, or in the interest of one's family, friends, business, etc.. Because "Selfishness" is a bad thing, we must be forced by those in government (who are most wise) into anything and everything that is contrary to our interests. ...
  23. Taking care of oneself without thought for others. That supreme self-love or self-preference which leads a person to direct his purposes to the advancement of his own interest, power, or happiness, without regarding those of others.
  24. n. prude, evangelist, infection, mistake, loudmouth (Annoyance and Irritation)
  25. being self-centered; based on looking good, feeling good, being right and in control; idolatry.