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seeped, past tense; seeps, 3rd person singular present; seeping, present participle; seeped, past participle;
  1. (of a liquid) Flow or leak slowly through porous material or small holes
    • - water began to seep through the soles of his boots
  1. A place where petroleum or water oozes slowly out of the ground

  1. pass gradually or leak through or as if through small openings
  2. (seeping) oozing: leaking out slowly
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  4. A Seep is a moist or wet place where water, usually groundwater, reaches the earth's surface from an underground aquifer.
  5. (Seeps) A petroleum seep is a place where liquid or gaseous hydrocarbons escape to the earth's surface. Seeps may occur above either terrestrial or offshore oil fields . ...
  6. a small spring, pool, or other place where liquid from the ground (e.g. water, petroleum or tar) has oozed to the surface; moisture that seeps out; a seepage; to ooze, or pass slowly through pores or other small openings
  7. (SEEPS) a spring having a very small discharge rate.
  8. (Seeps) provide evidence of hydrocarbons. Seeps occur along fractures in reservoirs or at places where the earth's surface cuts the formation.
  9. the [amphibious] Jeep, all based on the Ford built Jeeps.
  10. A spot where ground water oozes slowly to the surface, usually forming a pool.
  11. An area of the sea floor where hydrogen sulfide is released by the seeping or bubbling of oil or natural gas up through the ocean bottom.
  12. Sex and Everything Else Partner – term coined by Bella DePaulo to describe the couplemanical obsession that one partner can have for the other in couples. The adjective that goes with it is “seepy” (not sure if the rhyme with creepy is intentional…).
  13. A spot where groundwater or other liquids (such as oil) are discharged at Earth's surface.
  14. A wetland that forms in areas where groundwater discharges to the land surface, often at the base of steep slopes, but where water volume is too small to create a stream or creek. These wetlands have a perpetually saturated soil but may have little or no standing water.
  15. A more or less poorly defined area where water oozes from the earth in small quantities. (2) To appear or disappear, as water or other liquid, from a poorly defined area of the earth's surface. (3) According to some authorities, the type of movement of water in unsaturated material. ...
  16. A spot where water slowly trickles out of the ground that often forms a pool.
  17. Leakage described as recurring fluid not forming a droplet.
  18. A place where oil-filled reservoir rock intersects the ground surface, or where fractures connect a reservoir to the ground surface, so that oil flows out onto the ground on its own.
  19. A seafloor ecosystem fueled primarily by chemoautotrophic production based on hydrocarbons generated by microbial and/or thermogenic degradation of organic material. Reducing chemicals providing energy include biogenic or thermogenic methane and/or sulfide. ...
  20. The interstitial movement of water that may take place through a dam, its foundation, or its abutments.