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Noun (plural)
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scissors, plural;
  1. An instrument used for cutting cloth, paper, and other thin material, consisting of two blades laid one on top of the other and fastened in the middle so as to allow them to be opened and closed by a thumb and finger inserted through rings on the end of their handles

  2. An action in which two things cross each other or open and close like the blades of a pair of scissors
    • - as the fish swims, the tail lobes open and close in a slight scissor action

  1. an edge tool having two crossed pivoting blades
  2. a wrestling hold in which you wrap your legs around the opponents body or head and put your feet together and squeeze
  3. a gymnastic exercise performed on the pommel horse when the gymnast moves his legs as the blades of scissors move
  4. (scissor) cut with or as if with scissors
  5. Scissors are hand-operated cutting instruments. They consist of a pair of metal blades, or tangs, connected in such a way that the sharpened edges slide against each other. ...
  6. Scissors is a psychological thriller released in 1991. The film is directed by Frank de Felitta and stars Sharon Stone, Ronny Cox, and Steve Railsback.
  7. Scissors is a party game.
  8. Slipknot is the debut album by American heavy metal band Slipknot. It was released on June 29, 1999 through Roadrunner Records, after a demo containing a few of the songs had been released in 1998, and was reissued in December 1999 with a slightly altered track listing and mastering, as a result ...
  9. The Scissors is an aerial dog fighting maneuver, commonly used by military fighter pilots before the advent of high thrust-to-weight fighters (which allow for extended maneuvering in the vertical plane) in the late 1950s to mid-1960s and later, and before the perfection of the all-aspect air-to- ...
  10. (Scissoring) Tribadism (pronounced) or tribbing, also known by the slang term scissoring, is a form of non-penetrative sex in which a woman rubs her vulva against her partner's body for sexual stimulation. ...
  11. A type of tool used for cutting thin material, consisting of two crossing blades attached at a pivot point in such a way that the blades slide across each other when the handles are closed; the tool is operated by one hand by putting the thumb and a finger or fingers through holes at the ends ...
  12. (SCISSOR) Dressmaking scissors can be expensive, but they are well worth the investment. A good pair of stainless steel scissors will last you a life time.
  13. (Scissor) Cigar scissors, unlike regular scissors, are beveled and shaped specifically to make a precise cut to the head of the cigar.
  14. (Scissoring) Crossing one's ski tips, with edge-to-edge contact.
  15. (Scissoring) Groomers use sharp scissors and a metal comb to do finishing trim work on a dog’s coat. Scissoring is the technique groomers use to put the final touches on the coat after clipping and shaving.
  16. (Scissoring) Tight muscles in the hips and legs cause legs to turn inward and cross at the kneesSpastic – Stiffness & difficulty with movement
  17. (Scissoring) use of scissors to trim and sculpt the pets hair; extra charges apply.
  18. (scissoring) Moving the skis back and forth, parallel to each other, to initiate a turn.
  19. A combination requirement in a competitive routine on the pommel horse, which combines cuts and undercuts. It begins in a stride support and ends in an opposite stride support.
  20. To dream of scissors is an unlucky omen; wives will be jealous and distrustful of their husbands, and sweethearts will quarrel and nag each other into crimination and recrimination. Dullness will overcast business horizons. ...
  21. English has a 'silent' version of every letter. In this word we have a silent C.
  22. an air combat maneuver that's designed to prevent an unintentional overrun of a pursued aircraft, as when the lead slows abruptly, or when performance characteristics are unmatched; the trailing aircraft avoids overshooting the lead aircraft by maneuvering back and forth, making sharp or cutting ...
  23. A Cover 2 beater, designed to confuse the deep defender(s) to that side. The corner route is the intended primary receiver, and the Back is just a checkdown if its not open. ...
  24. George needed to cut things, specifically scrapbooking materials. (see above)
  25. Feeling cut off or disconnected; enforcing separation / Cutting something down, reducing its impact; being sharp; cutting through the crap / Shaping thoughts or emotions; patterns you've created