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Education or training received, esp. at school,
  1. Education or training received, esp. at school
    • - his parents paid for his schooling

  1. the act of teaching at school
  2. school: the process of being formally educated at a school; "what will you do when you finish school?"
  3. the training of an animal (especially the training of a horse for dressage)
  4. In biology, any group of fish that stay together for social reasons are said to be shoaling (pronounced), and if, in addition, the group is swimming in the same direction in a coordinated manner, they are said to be schooling (pronounced). ...
  5. (Schooled (film)) Schooled is a 2007 American independent drama film, written and directed by Brooks Elms, and produced by Brian Hennessy and Lorenda Starfelt. ...
  6. (Schooled (novel)) Gordon Korman (born October 23, 1963) is a Canadian author, primarily of novels for children and young adults. He lives in Long Island's Great Neck, New York, with his wife and three children.
  7. (Schooled (TV Special)) Schooled is a limited edition DVD featuring The All-American Rejects. The TV special originally aired Sunday, August 5, 2007 on the CW Network. ...
  8. (Schooled) A horse that has been trained to jump.
  9. Accustoming a horse to starting from the gate and to teach him racing practices. In steeplechasing, more particularly to teach a horse to jump.
  10. introducing young horses to the race track, starting gate and paddock area; teaching them how to behave there, normally done during the morning workouts.
  11. Training in preparation for competition.
  12. formal instruction under the direction of specially trained teachers
  13. People hanging out or in close association (like a school of fish).
  14. Process of familiarizing a horse with the starting gate and teaching it racing practices. A horse may also be schooled in the paddock.
  15. Practice time before the classes, is not allowed for intercollegiate competitors.
  16. Teaching a horse to race or jump. A "well-schooled" horse is less likely to show signs of inexperience or "greeness".
  17. a group of bass chasing baitfish to the surface, where they feed in groups; also called "jumps"
  18. The warm-up session prior to each rider's round in which they jump practice fences in the schooling area.
  19. Schooling fish are those which naturally travel in groups of the same species. Many aquarium fish are schooling fish, including tetras, barbs, and discus. ...
  20. Primary Schooling inside Cambuslang includes- West Coats Primary School, James Aiton Primary School and St Brides Primary School.
  21. Training a cutting horse. Allowing the horse to work on its own and intervening when the horse works improperly. This intervention is not allowed during competition.