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scandals, plural;
  1. An action or event regarded as morally or legally wrong and causing general public outrage
    • - a bribery scandal involving one of his key supporters
  2. The outrage or anger caused by such an action or event
    • - divorce was cause for scandal on the island
  3. Rumor or malicious gossip about such events or actions
    • - I know that you would want no scandal attached to her name
  4. A state of affairs regarded as wrong or reprehensible and causing general public outrage or anger
    • - it's a scandal that many older patients are dismissed as untreatable

  1. disgraceful gossip about the private lives of other people
  2. a disgraceful event
  3. A scandal is a widely publicized allegation or set of allegations that damages the reputation of an institution, individual or creed. A scandal may be based on true or false allegations or a mixture of both.
  4. Scandal is a 1986 novel by the Japanese author Shusaku Endō.
  5. Scandal (1989) is a British drama film, a fictionalised account of the Profumo Affair. Starring Joanne Whalley as Christine Keeler and John Hurt as Stephen Ward, personalities at the heart of the affair, the film details the scandal which in 1963 rocked the government of UK Prime Minister Harold ...
  6. Scandal is a single album released in 2006 by Kangta & Vanness, a duo composed of Korean singer Kangta and Taiwanese singer Vanness Wu. Several of the songs on Scandal were recorded in both Korean and Mandarin, and two music videos were produced. ...
  7. Scandal is a rock band from the 1980s fronted by Patty Smyth. The band scored a hit in the US with the song "The Warrior", which peaked at #7 in 1984. Their other major hits were "Goodbye to You" (1982 - #65 US), "Love's Got A Line On You" (1983 - #59 US), and "Hands Tied" (1984 - #41 US).
  8. Scandal Savage is a fictional character, a supervillain and anti-hero in the DC Comics Universe . She first appeared in Villains United #1 (July 2005), and was created by Gail Simone and Dale Eaglesham. Scandal is a member of the Secret Six and the daughter of supervillain Vandal Savage.
  9. Scandal is a self-titled, 5-song EP by the band Scandal, released in 1982 by Columbia Records. Although the EP has never been released on CD, all five songs are found on the VH1 Scandal compilation CD called We Are The '80s. ...
  10. Scandal (stylized SCANDAL) is a Japanese pop and rock group. Proclaiming themselves as "The Most Powerful Japanese Girlie Pop Rock", they are composed of four high school girls from Osaka, Japan: Haruna Ono, Tomomi Ogawa, Mami Sasazaki, and Rina Suzuki. ...
  11. Scandal, or Priscilla's Kindness is a satirical novel by A. N. Wilson first published in 1983 about a British politician's rise and fall, the latter caused by a relationship with a prostitute. ...
  12. "Scandal" is a short story by Willa Cather. It was first published in Century in 1919.Marilee Lindemann, The Cambridge Companion to Willa Cather, Cambridge University Press, 2005, p. 78
  13. "Scandal" is the fourth single from Queen's 1989 album The Miracle. The single was released in the United States but failed to chart, possibly due to the fact that it was released on some formats with a Capitol Records sleeve, instead of the Queen sleeves. ...
  14. In Catholic theology, scandal is a behavior or attitude that leads another to sin.
  15. The following is a complete list of episodes for the 1980s television series Dynasty, in broadcast order.
  16. An incident or event that disgraces or damages the reputation of the persons or organization involved; Damage to one's reputation; Wide-spread moral outrage, indignation, as over an offence to decency; Religious discredit; an act or behaviour which brings a religion into discredit; Something ...
  17. (Scandals) 1925-1926 (first principal role)
  18. To dream that you are an object of scandal, denotes that you are not particular to select good and true companions, but rather enjoy having fast men and women contribute to your pleasure. Trade and business of any character will suffer dulness after this dream. ...
  19. (1986): Set in Tokyo, the book is about a novelist who finds himself caught up in the scandal of the title.
  20. gossip; talk in general: e.g., What's the latest scandal around town?
  21. Thomson prostitution affair intensifies
  22. Heads roll on Nine's 'Choppergate' block
  23. An incident involving corrupt politicians that abuse public trust, causing disgrace for themselves and public outrage.
  24. Word advisedly used to describe Gateshead’s St Bede’s Drive UBO as a hotbed of reprobation and outrage, whether for sex drugs or rock’n’roll.
  25. I. NOTION OF SCANDAL According to