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scales, plural;
  1. Climb up or over (something high and steep)
    • - thieves scaled an 8-foot fence
  2. Represent in proportional dimensions; reduce or increase in size according to a common scale
    • - scaled plans of the house
  3. (of a quantity or property) Be variable according to a particular scale

  4. Estimate the amount of timber that will be produced from (a log or uncut tree)

  1. A graduated range of values forming a standard system for measuring or grading something
    • - company employees have hit the top of their pay scales
    • - two men at opposite ends of the social scale
  2. A series of marks at regular intervals in a line used in measuring something
    • - the mean delivery time is plotted against a scale on the right
  3. A device having such a series of marks
    • - she read the exact distance off a scale
  4. A rule determining the distances between such marks
    • - the vertical axis is given on a logarithmic scale
  5. The relative size or extent of something
    • - no one foresaw the scale of the disaster
    • - everything in the house is on a grand scale
  6. A ratio of size in a map, model, drawing, or plan
    • - a one-fifth scale model of a seven-story building
    • - an Ordnance Survey map on a scale of 1:2500
  7. A system of numerical notation in which the value of a digit depends upon its position in the number, successive positions representing successive powers of a fixed base
    • - the conversion of the number to the binary scale
  8. The range of exposures over which a photographic material will give an acceptable variation in density

  9. An arrangement of the notes in any system of music in ascending or descending order of pitch
    • - the scale of C major

  1. (scale) measure by or as if by a scale; "This bike scales only 25 pounds"
  2. (scale) an ordered reference standard; "judging on a scale of 1 to 10"
  3. (scale) pattern, make, regulate, set, measure, or estimate according to some rate or standard
  4. (scale) relative magnitude; "they entertained on a grand scale"
  5. (scale) the ratio between the size of something and a representation of it; "the scale of the map"; "the scale of the model"
  6. (scale) take by attacking with scaling ladders; "The troops scaled the walls of the fort"
  7. Scales is a small village in south Cumbria, England, around 3.5 miles south of the town of Ulverston.
  8. The surname Scales has at least two origins: * a variant spelling of the surname Scholes * someone from the manor of Scales, Norfolk
  9. (A♭ (scale)) A major or A-flat major is a major scale based on A-flat, consisting of the pitches A, B, C, D, E, F, and G. Its key signature has four flats (see below: Scales and keys).
  10. (SCALE) The Southern California Linux Expo is an annual Linux, Open-Source, and Free Software conference held in Los Angeles, CA. This is one of three community run open-source events in the United States.
  11. (Scale (album)) Scale is an album by Matthew Herbert, released May 29, 2006. According to the liner notes 613 objects were used to create the album. These include traditional instruments such as violins and guitars and other objects such as breakfast cereal, gas pumps and coffins.
  12. (Scale (botany)) The scale insects are small insects of the order Hemiptera, generally classified as the superfamily Coccoidea. There are about 8,000 species of scale insects.
  13. A device for weighing goods for sale
  14. (scale) An ordered numerical sequence used for measurement; Size; scope; The ratio of depicted distance to actual distance; A line or bar associated with a drawing, used to indicate measurement when the image has been magnified or reduced; A means of assigning a magnitude; A series of notes ...
  15. (Scale) A small, usually dry leaf that is closely pressed against another organ.
  16. (Scale) Hard oxide on pewter.  Prone to flaking with rough handling.
  17. (Scale) Minimum payment for services under Union contracts
  18. (SCALE) The precipitate that forms on surfaces in contact with water when the calcium hardness, pH or total alkalinity levels are too high. Results from chemically unbalanced pool and spa water. Scale may appear as grey, white or dark streaks on the plaster, fiberglass or vinyl. ...
  19. (Scale) The relationship between actual measurements on a page of plans or blue prints and the actual measurements of the building represented by the plans or blue prints.
  20. (Scale) To change the size of an object while maintaining its shape. Most graphics software, particularly vector-based packages, allow you to scale objects freely.
  21. (Scale) To identify the percent by which photographs or art should be enlarged or reduced to achieve, the correct size for printing.
  22. (Scale) a thin, reduced leaf or bract; in cones of conifer trees the scales are woody and enclose the seeds.
  23. (Scale) the oxide in a hose assembly brought about by surface conditions or welding.
  24. (scale) A coating or precipitate deposited on surfaces such as kettles, water pipes or steam boilers that are in contact with hard water. Waters that contain carbonates or bicarbonates of calcium or magnesium are especially likely to cause scale when heated.
  25. (scale) Changing magnitude by linear operation, i.e. multiplying by a scalar.