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sandwiches, plural;
  1. Insert or squeeze (someone or something) between two other people or things, typically in a restricted space or so as to be uncomfortable
    • - the girl was sandwiched between two burly men in the back of the car
  1. An item of food consisting of two pieces of bread with meat, cheese, or other filling between them, eaten as a light meal
    • - a ham sandwich
  2. Something that is constructed like or has the form of a sandwich

  1. two (or more) slices of bread with a filling between them
  2. make into a sandwich
  3. insert or squeeze tightly between two people or objects; "She was sandwiched in her airplane seat between two fat men"
  4. Sandwich is the second studio album released by humorcore band, Psychostick, and follow-up to 2003's We Couldn't Think of a Title. ...
  5. Sandwich is a Filipino rock band that was formed in 1995 by Raimund Marasigan and Diego Castillo for the purpose of fulfilling their mutual desire to work together. ...
  6. Sandwich is a 2006 Bollywood comedy film starring Govinda, Raveena Tandon and Mahima Chaudhary. The film is directed by Anees Bazmee who is famously known for directing the blockbuster comedy films No Entry (2005) and Welcome (2007). ...
  7. Sandwich is a town in Barnstable County, Massachusetts, United States. The population was 20,136 at the 2000 census. The Town Hall is located right next to the Dexter Grist Mill, in the historic district of town.
  8. Group sex is sexual behavior involving more than two participants. Group sex can occur amongst people of all sexual orientations and genders. While this article discusses group sex among humans, the behaviour also occurs in other animal species such as bighorn sheep and bonobos.
  9. Sandwich was a parliamentary constituency in Kent, which elected two Members of Parliament (MPs) to the House of Commons from 1366 until 1885, when it was disfranchised for corruption.
  10. A snack formed of various ingredients between two slices of bread; An open sandwich; Any combination formed by layering material of one type between two layers of material of another type; To place one item between two other, usually flat, items; To put or set something between two others, in ...
  11. (Sandwiches) also known in the United Kingdom as pieces or sarnies, consist of a variety of fillings placed between two slices of bread. They appear in most cultures that make bread or close equivalents; the Italian version is Tramezzini, and in French le sandwich.
  12. Seal – A surface treatment that consists of application of asphalt emulsion and a large aggregate, followed by a second application of asphalt emulsion that is in turn covered
  13. Two players betting with another player in the middle (can also be a method of cheating if those two players are in collusion.)
  14. A course of study which includes periods of practical work in organisations outside the university or college.
  15. To trap someone (or be trapped yourself) between two raisers. This can get very expensive for the person who is sandwiched.
  16. n: Any sex act involving three people; a threesome.
  17. Multiple swords swallowed "sandwiched" together at the same time (see "Multiples")
  18. Traditional description of a quilt: a sandwich consisting of a Quilt Top, filling or Batting, and a Backing.
  19. defines a snowboard construction style where the layers of a snowboard’s composition are shaved along the edge, and a plastic or urethane sidewall is inserted to finish off the board’s construction. As opposed to Capped construction (see above).
  20. named after John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich
  21. a quilts three layers consisting of top, the batting/wadding middle and the quilt backing fabric
  22. placements: Assessed paid work which is part of a student’s course. It is often of one year’s duration.
  23. (n): A three-part demonstration where a teacher vividly shows the right way to do something, then the wrong way to do it, then repeats the right way to do it. Usage: “In the movie ‘Stand and Deliver,’ Jaime Escalante teaches algebra by sandwiching.”
  24. When a client, volunteer or staff member does some thing with which we disagree or that should never be repeated, we can respond without criticism or complaint. Please excuse the crude vocabulary, but we can serve what in management training is called a "sh¡t sandwich. ...
  25. set - china set consisting of one sandwich tray and 6 ea. 6-in. plates.