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rotas, plural;
  1. A list showing when each of a number of people has to do a particular job
    • - a cleaning rota
  2. The supreme ecclesiastical and secular court of the Roman Catholic Church

  1. (Roman Catholic Church) the supreme ecclesiastical tribunal for cases appealed to the Holy See from diocesan courts
  2. a roster of names showing the order in which people should perform certain duties
  3. In Norse mythology, Róta is a valkyrie. Róta is attested in chapter 36 of the Prose Edda book Gylfaginning, where she is mentioned alongside the valkyries Gunnr and Skuld, and the three are described as "always [riding] to choose who shall be slain and to govern the killings."Faulkes (1995:31). ...
  4. The rota was a cylinder, open on one side, that was built inside a wall of a monastery; it was used for exchanging mail and food with cloistered clergy, being their only communication with the world. ...
  5. Rotte (in German) or Rota (Рота) is an infantry or cavalry unit. In Poland it was known increasingly from the 16th century by the alternative name of Chorągiew.
  6. Rota (Chamorro: Luta) also known as the "peaceful island", is the southernmost island of the United States Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) and the second southernmost of the Marianas Archipelago. ...
  7. A rota is a type of vocal round of the 13th and 14th centuries, probably only in England.
  8. The rota is one of the symbols used in the papal signature, found on papal bulls, composed of a cross inscribed in two concentric circles, first used by Pope Paschal II.
  9. Rota ("The Oath") is an early 20th-century Polish poem and anthem, once proposed to be the Polish national anthem.
  10. Rota is a town of approximately 27,000 people in the Andalusia region of Spain, located in Cádiz province, across the Bay of Cádiz from the city of that name. Rota is bordered by the towns of Chipiona, Sanlúcar de Barrameda, and El Puerto de Santa María. ...
  11. Rota is a stratovolcano located in the western part of Nicaragua.
  12. (Rotae) Ad Rotas was the name of several Roman stations or villages.
  13. A schedule that allocates some task, responsibility or (rarely) privilege between a set of people according to a (possibly periodic) calendar
  14. (Rotae) (Latin) Wheels, referring to the animating principles of the stars and planets; the Hebrew is 'ophanim (wheels), much used in Ezekiel in relation to cosmogony. ...
  15. Automatic routing system for requests.  Refers to the string of potential lending libraries.  May also be referred to as: Request Routing, Routing String, Lending String
  16. also Sacred Roman Rota, also S.R. Rota: A court established in the Vatican and possessing worldwide jurisdiction. Ordinarily it handles petitions in second or third instance, following a first instance decision in a lower court. ...
  17. an early Italian method of teaching music without score or parts.
  18. n. 1. A list drawn up to determine the rotating order something will happen. A morning ladies group might have a rota of whose house will be used for which meeting.
  19. a countering technique described by Filippo Vadi (c. 1480) wherein the back edge is quickly raised to smack or deflect an opposing blade prior to an immediate descending cut with the forward edge
  20. (Latin, literally 'wheel') a thirteenth- and fourteenth-century round; the Latin name for hurdy-gurdy
  21. (Lat. 'wheel' or round ) Occasionally this term is used for the round (e.g. of Sumer is Icumen In a round from c.1240).
  22. 1956-62. 3 orch, tape. Ms. Caprice
  23. a measure, less than a quintarium
  24. Return on Total Assets.