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rolls, 3rd person singular present; rolled, past tense; rolled, past participle; rolling, present participle;
  1. Move or cause to move in a particular direction by turning over and over on an axis
    • - the car rolled down into a ditch
    • - she rolled the ball across the floor
  2. Turn or cause to turn over to face a different direction
    • - she rolled on to her side
    • - they rolled him over on to his back
  3. Turn (one's eyes) upward, typically to show surprise or disapproval
    • - Sarah rolled her eyes
  4. Make (something cylindrical) revolve between two surfaces
    • - Plummer rolled the glass between his hands
  5. (of a person or animal) Lie down and turn over and over while remaining in the same place
    • - the buffalo rolled in the dust
  6. (of a moving ship, aircraft, or vehicle) Rock or oscillate around an axis parallel to the direction of motion
    • - the ship pitched and rolled
  7. Move along or from side to side unsteadily or uncontrollably
    • - they were rolling about with laughter
  8. Overturn (a vehicle)
    • - he rolled his Mercedes in a 100 mph crash
  9. Throw (a die or dice)

  10. Obtain (a particular score) by doing this
    • - roll a 2, 3, or 12
  11. (of a vehicle) Move or run on wheels
    • - the van was rolling along the highway
  12. Move or push (a wheeled object)
    • - Pat rolled the cart back and forth
  13. Make a car window or a window blind move up or down

  14. (of time) Elapse steadily
    • - the years rolled by
  15. (of a drop of liquid) Flow
    • - huge tears rolled down her cheeks
  16. (of a product) Issue from (an assembly line or machine)
    • - the first copies of the newspaper rolled off the presses
  17. (of waves, smoke, cloud, or fog) Move or flow forward with an undulating motion
    • - the fog rolled across the fields
  18. (of land) Extend in gentle undulations

  19. (of credits for a movie or television program) Be displayed as if moving on a roller up the screen

  20. (of a machine, esp. a camera) Operate or begin operating
    • - the cameras started to roll
  21. Cause (a machine, esp. a camera) to begin operating
    • - roll the camera
  22. Turn (something flexible) over and over on itself to form a cylinder, tube, or ball
    • - she started to roll up her sleeping bag
  23. Make by forming material into a cylinder or ball
    • - Harry rolled himself a joint
  24. (of a person or animal) Curl up tightly
    • - the shock made the armadillo roll into a ball
  25. Flatten (something) by passing a roller over it or by passing it between rollers
    • - roll out the dough on a floured surface
  26. (of a loud, deep sound such as that of thunder or drums) Reverberate
    • - the first peals of thunder rolled across the sky
  27. Pronounce (a consonant, typically an r) with a trill
    • - when he wanted to emphasize a point he rolled his rrrs
  28. Utter (a word or words) with a reverberating or vibratory effect
    • - he rolled the word around his mouth
  29. (of words) Flow effortlessly or mellifluously
    • - the names of his colleagues rolled off his lips
  30. Rob (someone, typically when they are intoxicated or asleep)
    • - if you don't get drunk, you don't get rolled
  1. A cylinder formed by winding flexible material around a tube or by turning it over and over on itself without folding
    • - a roll of carpet
  2. A cylindrical mass of something or a number of items arranged in a cylindrical shape
    • - a roll of mints
  3. An item of food that is made by wrapping a flat sheet of pastry, cake, meat, or fish around a sweet or savory filling
    • - salmon and rice rolls
  4. Money, typically a quantity of banknotes rolled together

  5. A roller for flattening something, esp. one used to shape metal in a rolling mill

  6. A movement in which someone or something turns or is turned over on itself
    • - a roll of the dice
    • - the ponies completed two rolls before getting back on their feet
  7. A gymnastic exercise in which the body is rolled into a tucked position and turned in a forward or backward circle
    • - a forward roll
  8. A swaying or oscillation of a ship, aircraft, or vehicle around an axis parallel to the direction of motion
    • - the car corners capably with a minimum of roll
  9. Undulation of the landscape
    • - hidden by the roll of the land was a refinery
  10. A prolonged, deep, reverberating sound, typically made by thunder or a drum
    • - thunder exploded, roll after roll
  11. One of the basic patterns (rudiments) of drumming, consisting of a sustained, rapid alternation of single or double strokes of each stick

  12. A very small loaf of bread, typically eaten with butter or a filling
    • - a sausage roll
  13. An official list or register of names

  14. The total numbers on such a list
    • - a review of secondary schools to assess the effects of falling rolls
  15. A document, typically an official record, in scroll form

  1. axial rotation: rotary motion of an object around its own axis; "wheels in axial rotation"
  2. move by turning over or rotating; "The child rolled down the hill"; "turn over on your left side"
  3. a list of names; "his name was struck off the rolls"
  4. wheel: move along on or as if on wheels or a wheeled vehicle; "The President's convoy rolled past the crowds"
  5. occur in soft rounded shapes; "The hills rolled past"
  6. roller: a long heavy sea wave as it advances towards the shore
  7. Roll is the third album by Australian alternative country musician Anne McCue. Her first album for Messenger Records, it was released to critical acclaim in 2003.
  8. Yaw, pitch, and roll, also known as Tait–Bryan angles, named after Peter Guthrie Tait and George H. Bryan, are a specific kind of Euler angles used to define the relative orientation of an object with respect to some reference orientation, usually a set of reference axes. ...
  9. Flight dynamics is the science of air and space vehicle orientation and control in three dimensions. ...
  10. This is a list of characters from the Mega Man series. In Japan, the Mega Man series is known as Rockman.
  11. Mail on Sunday is the 1st album of American hip hop artist Flo Rida and was released on March 18, 2008 via Atlantic and Poe Boy. It spawned 3 singles, the first, "Low" was #1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 for 10 weeks. ...
  12. In film and video, footage is the raw, unedited material as it had been originally filmed by movie camera or recorded by a video camera which usually must be edited to create a motion picture, video clip, television show or similar completed work. ...
  13. The act of rolling, or state of being rolled; That which rolls; a roller; Specifically, a heavy cylinder used to break clods; Specifically, one of a set of revolving cylinders, or rollers, between which metal is pressed, formed, or smoothed, as in a rolling mill; as, to pass rails through the ...
  14. The primary footage for non-narrative or interview based film, and usually refers to talking heads or footage that directly relates to the moment
  15. (Rolled) Bumper or gas tank removed and replaced with custom panel that “rolls” under.
  16. (Rolled) Term given to a shot that does not get airborne and simply rolls along the ground.
  17. (Rolled) [grain] passed between a set of rollers, splitting the coarse outer grain shell.
  18. (Rolled) rolling is part of the grooming process for cross-country ski trails. When a trail is said to have been "rolled" it means that the fresh snow on the trail has been compacted to a firm flat surface.
  19. (rolled) when the spine is out of alignment, leaning askew toward one  side or the other.
  20. (Rolling) the process of crushing the leaves to initiate fermentation and impart twist.
  21. (rolling) Sparring with a fellow student with the intention of practicing a technique or achieving a submission.
  22. (Rolling) In metallurgy, this is the most-used method of taking metal from a cast ingot to a sheet or bar - sheet metal being the most common product. ...
  23. (Rolling) A follow up action in which the strategist closes options currently in the position and opens other options with different terms, on the same underlying stock.
  24. (ROLLING) The process of passing metal between rolls under pressure to reduce its crosssection.
  25. (Rolling) If the weight is on the inside of the feet, it’s called rolling in. If the weight is on the outside of the feet, it is called rolling out. The toes and heels should be flat on the floor.