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rockets, plural;
  1. (of an amount, price, etc.) Increase very rapidly and suddenly
    • - sales of milk in supermarkets are rocketing
    • - rocketing prices
  2. Move or progress very rapidly
    • - the cab rocketed down a ramp
    • - he rocketed to national stardom
  3. Cause to move or progress very rapidly
    • - she showed the kind of form that rocketed her to the semifinals last year
  4. Attack with rocket-propelled missiles
    • - the city was rocketed and bombed from the air
  1. An edible Mediterranean plant of the cabbage family, sometimes eaten in salads

  2. Used in names of other fast-growing plants of this family, e.g., sweet rocket

  1. any vehicle self-propelled by a rocket engine
  2. shoot up abruptly, like a rocket; "prices skyrocketed"
  3. a jet engine containing its own propellant and driven by reaction propulsion
  4. erect European annual often grown as a salad crop to be harvested when young and tender
  5. propels bright light high in the sky, or used to propel a lifesaving line or harpoon
  6. skyrocket: sends a firework display high into the sky
  7. Rocket is the Primitive Radio Gods' debut album, released on June 18, 1996 by Columbia Records. Their best known hit single from this album, "Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in My Hand", helped launch the band's career. The album is currently out of print.
  8. Rocket is an all-girl pop-punk band from Los Angeles, California.
  9. City of God (Cidade de Deus) is a 2002 Brazilian crime film directed by Fernando Meirelles and Kátia Lund, released in its home country in 2002 and worldwide in 2003. It was adapted by Bráulio Mantovani from the 1997 novel of the same name written by Paulo Lins. ...
  10. Rocket is a fictional character a comic book superhero published by DC Comics. An original character from DC's Milestone Comics imprint, she first appeared in Icon #1 (May 1993), and was created by Dwayne McDuffie and Mark Bright.
  11. "Rocket" is a song recorded by British hard rock band Def Leppard in 1987 from the album Hysteria. It was the sixth (seventh in the US) and final single release, coming out in January 1989 and hitting the Top 15 in the US Billboard Hot 100 and UK Singles Chart.
  12. "Rocket" is the first single from El Presidente. It was a limited (1000 Copies) Red 10" vinyl release. The B-side was Rocket-Beef Music Mix. It reached number 37 on the UK Singles Chart.
  13. (rocketer) A bird, especially a pheasant, which, being flushed, rises straight in the air like a rocket
  14. Or "pocket rockets" - a pair of aces in the hole.
  15. (ROCKETS) Traditional and much-loved fireworks produce the familiar WHOOOOSH! when fired from a FRAME or LAUNCH TUBE. Some rockets may whistle or shriek as they ascend. Some produce coloured bouquets or effects such as SPINNERS, CRACKERS, WHISTLES etc.
  16. (Rockets) Another term for A-A!
  17. (Rockets) Articles containing a rocket motor and a payload which may be an explosive warhead or other device. ...
  18. (Rockets) The holdem starting hand Ace-Ace (AA).
  19. (rockets) Paul Keller on Flickr
  20. (rockets) a pair of pocket Aces, generally considered the best possible opener in Hold'Em. (see also American Airlines)
  21. This slightly bitter, aromatic salad green has a peppery mustard flavor. Look for bright green, fresh-looking leaves. Makes a lively addition to salads, soups, and sautéed vegetables. Also called "arugula."
  22. A missile or vehicle propelled by the combustion of a fuel and a contained oxygen supply. The forward thrust of a rocket results when exhaust products are ejected from the tail.
  23. A vehicle that burns fuel and shoots the flaming gases out one end (the engine) to move in the opposite direction. The force produced is called thrust.
  24. A device propelled by ejection of matter, especially by the high velocity ejection of the gaseous combustion products produced by internal ignition of solid or liquid fuels.