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rinsed, past participle; rinses, 3rd person singular present; rinsed, past tense; rinsing, present participle;
  1. Wash (something) with clean water to remove soap, detergent, dirt, or impurities
    • - always rinse your hair thoroughly
    • - mussels should be well rinsed before use
  2. Wash (something) quickly, esp. without soap
    • - Rose rinsed out a tumbler
  3. Clean (one's mouth) by swilling around and then spitting out a mouthful of water or mouthwash
    • - Karen rinsed her mouth out
  4. Remove (soap, detergent, dirt, or impurities) by washing with clean water
    • - the conditioning mousse doesn't have to be rinsed out
    • - rub salt on to rough areas of skin, then rinse off
  1. An act of rinsing something
    • - I gave my hands a quick rinse
  2. An antiseptic solution for cleansing the mouth

  3. A preparation for conditioning or temporarily tinting the hair

  1. a liquid preparation used on wet hair to give it a tint
  2. wash off soap or remaining dirt
  3. the removal of soap with clean water in the final stage of washing
  4. wash: clean with some chemical process
  5. gargle: rinse one's mouth and throat with mouthwash; "gargle with this liquid"
  6. the act of giving a light tint to the hair
  7. washing lightly without soap
  8. Rinse is an album by Minotaur Shock, released in 2003.
  9. Vanessa Lee Carlton (born August 16, 1980) is an American singer-songwriter and pianist. She released the single "A Thousand Miles" from her debut album, Be Not Nobody.
  10. The action of rinsing; Any hair dye; To wash (something) quickly using water and no soap; To remove soap from (something) using water
  11. (Rinsed) "When you rinse somefing, you go ool aht."
  12. (rinsed) to totally decimate your opponent in sport or verbal debate.
  13. (Rinsing) removing any active solution from the surface of steel by immersion in water Rust -* corrosion product consisting of hydrated iron oxides; this term is applicable only to ferrous (iron-containing) alloys
  14. To hold a liquid in the mouth, moving it around inside the mouth.
  15. Following backwash in filters to resettle the media bed and purge any turbidity before returning to service mode. That portion of the regeneration cycle of an ion exchanger in which fresh water is passed through the column to remove spent and excess regnerant prior to placing the system in service.
  16. Coating the inside of a glass with a liquor to provide just a hint of flavor.
  17. After backwashing, it's a good idea to rinse for 15-20 seconds to remove any residual dirt that may "poof!" back into your pool after backwashing. Rinse flows through the water in filter fashion, say, top to bottom, but effluent is sent out the waste line.
  18. Is a brief clean water wash between steps of a processing cycle to reduce carry-over of one solution into another.
  19. Swirling a small amount of liquor or liqueur in a glass so that it coats the inside with the spirit’s flavor
  20. In ion exchange this comes after injection and washes out spent regenerant. When rinse starts the bed is full of regenerant, and this is still reacting with the resin. ...
  21. Both high pressure spray arm and pulsed lumen flushing are utilised to remove all process residues and detergent from the surfaces of the instrument, leaving the instrument ready for the thermal disinfection process.
  22. A temporary haircoloring such as Come Alive Gray.
  23. your boat, trailer, and equipment. It is best to use high-pressure, hot water. A garden hose will work if no other option is available.