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retreats, 3rd person singular present; retreated, past participle; retreated, past tense; retreating, present participle;
  1. (of an army) Withdraw from enemy forces as a result of their superior power or after a defeat
    • - the French retreated in disarray
  2. Move back or withdraw, esp. so as to remove oneself from a difficult or uncomfortable situation
    • - it becomes so hot that the lizards retreat into the shade
    • - the sound of retreating footsteps
  3. Withdraw to a quiet or secluded place
    • - after the funeral he retreated to the shore
  4. (of an expanse of ice or water) Become smaller in size or extent
    • - a series of trenches which filled with water when the ice retreated
  5. Change one's decisions, plans, or attitude, as a result of criticism from others
    • - his proposals were clearly unreasonable and he was soon forced to retreat
  6. (of shares of stock) Decline in value
    • - shares retreated 32 points to 653 points
  7. Move (a piece) back from a forward or threatened position on the board

  1. An act of moving back or withdrawing
    • - a speedy retreat
    • - the army was in retreat
  2. An act of changing one's decisions, plans, or attitude, esp. as a result of criticism from others
    • - the unions made a retreat from their earlier position
  3. A decline in the value of shares of stock

  4. A signal for a military force to withdraw
    • - the bugle sounded a retreat
  5. A military musical ceremony carried out at sunset, originating in the playing of drums and bugles to tell soldiers to return to camp for the night

  6. A quiet or secluded place in which one can rest and relax
    • - their mountain retreat in New Hampshire
  7. A period of seclusion for the purposes of prayer and meditation
    • - the bishop is away on his annual retreat
    • - before his ordination he went on retreat

  1. (military) withdrawal of troops to a more favorable position to escape the enemy's superior forces or after a defeat; "the disorderly retreat of French troops"
  2. withdraw: pull back or move away or backward; "The enemy withdrew"; "The limo pulled away from the curb"
  3. a place of privacy; a place affording peace and quiet
  4. move away, as for privacy; "The Pope retreats to Castelgondolfo every summer"
  5. (military) a signal to begin a withdrawal from a dangerous position
  6. retrograde: move back; "The glacier retrogrades"
  7. "Retreat" is the sixth story arc of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight series of comic books, based upon the television series of the same name, and is written by television screenwriter Jane Espenson. ...
  8. "Retreat (Cries My Heart)" is a popular song, written by Nancy Farnsworth, Tommy Furtado, and Anita Boyer in 1952.
  9. Retreat railway station is a Metrorail station in Retreat, a suburb of Cape Town. It is a stop on the Southern Line, and the terminus of the Cape Flats Line. ...
  10. A withdrawal is a type of military operation, generally meaning retreating forces back while maintaining contact with the enemy. A withdrawal may be undertaken as part of a general retreat, to consolidate forces, to occupy ground that is more easily defended, or to lead the enemy into an ambush. ...
  11. Retreat is a historic home located at Port Tobacco, Charles County, Maryland, United States. It is a one story, clapboard-sheathed, frame house with a double chimney. The principal part of the house was built about 1770. ...
  12. The term retreat has several related meanings, all of which have in common the notion of safety or temporarily removing oneself from one's usual environment in order to become immersed in a particular subject matter. ...
  13. The act of pulling back or withdrawing, as from something dangerous, or unpleasant; The act of reversing direction and receding from a forward position; A peaceful, quiet place affording privacy, or security; A period of retirement, seclusion, or solitude; A period of meditation, prayer or study ...
  14. A place of religious retirement
  15. A focus of the Great White Brotherhood, usually on the etheric plane where the ascended masters preside. ...
  16. A trip, or sometimes just a sleep over at the sorority house, where the members bond and get to know each other.
  17. temporarily removing oneself from one's usual environment for a period of focused reflection and meditation. Retreats are often conducted at rural or remote locations, either privately or at a retreat center such as a monastery.
  18. A decrease in the length of a glacier compared to a previous point in time. As ice in a glacier is always moving forward, its terminus retreats when more ice is lost at the terminus to melting or calving than reaches the terminus. During retreat, ice in a glacier does not move back up-glacier. ...
  19. A number of days (usually from three to thirty) spend in prayer/reflection with a director, often following the pattern of the Spiritual Exercises, frequently and liberally adapted for school students.
  20. Military ceremony signaling the end of a duty day. As a gesture of respect, in the event you are outside the building when retreat is sounded, you are required to stop and face the direction of the nearest flag
  21. when the position of a mountain glacier's lowest end is farther up-valley than before
  22. A period of time spent in meditation and religious exercise. Retreats may take various forms, from traditional closed forms, to open retreats which do not disengage the participants from day-to-day life. Both clergy and lay people of all ages participate in retreats. ...
  23. A time spent in prayer and reflection. In most religious communities, including the ARs, an annual retreat is required for all members. The traditional length of a retreat is one week. An atmosphere of silence* pervades the retreat to contribute to the prayerful atmosphere. ...
  24. A day or weekend event where the board or staff go to a location outside of the office or board room and focus on a specific issue or a specific group of issues; examples include orientation, strategic planning, or self-assessment.
  25. The act of taking your Active Pokémon and switching it with one of your Benched Pokémon. To retreat, you must discard Energy equal to the Retreat Cost of the Pokémon retreating. This cost is written in the lower right-hand corner of the card.