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  1. a merchant who sells goods at retail
  2. (retail) be sold at the retail level; "These gems retail at thousands of dollars each"
  3. (retailing) the activities involved in selling commodities directly to consumers
  4. Retail consists of the sale of goods or merchandise from a fixed location, such as a department store, boutique or kiosk, or by mail, in small or individual lots for direct consumption by the purchaser. Retailing may include subordinated services, such as delivery. ...
  5. (Retail (comic strip)) Retail is a syndicated comic strip distributed by King Features Syndicate. It is authored and illustrated by Norm Feuti. It made its newspaper debut on January 1, 2006, and then gained quickly in popularity following articles in The New York Times and TIME Magazine
  6. A retail sales company or salesman
  7. (retail) The sale of goods directly to the consumer; encompassing the storefronts, mail-order, websites, etc., and the corporate mechanisms, branding, advertising, etc. ...
  8. (RETAILERS) Cynthia Rybakoff jewelry is available wholesale. Please message us for further information or to make an appointment.
  9. (RETAILERS) Protect your business from credit card fraud
  10. (Retailers) A type of merchandiser who sells products or services to individuals for consumption.
  11. (Retailers) Companies that – usually from a physical structure, but increasingly over the internet – sell products directly to end consumers and collect sales tax (where applicable) on the transactions. Some direct sales companies and other organizations might also fit in this category. ...
  12. (Retailers) Organisations where final consumers can have their tyres replaced (workshops, car dealers, garages, resellers, hypermarkets, etc.)
  13. (Retailers) The Carphone Warehouse · Phones4U (Dial-a-Phone)
  14. (Retailers) Would you like purchase bulk copies of The Encyclopedia of Non-Sport & Entertainment Trading Cards to offer your customers? Send us an e-mail and we'll be happy to give you the details of how you may do so.
  15. Retailers stock inventory and sell in smaller quantities to the general public. This organization also closely tracks the preferences and demands of the customers that it sells to. ...
  16. (RETAIL) a property type which sells goods to consumers.
  17. (Retail) A term usually applied to a shop which re-sells other people's goods. This type of business will require a trading account as well as a profit and loss account.
  18. (Retail) The business of selling merchandise or services to consumers. Intrannuity uses this term to refer to merchants that operate in a storefront or physical location and accept Card Present payments—meaning that payment is physically presented to the merchant, and credit cards are “swiped” ...
  19. (Retail) Sales of electric energy to ultimate customers.
  20. (Retail) Selling travel to the general public.
  21. (Retail) The sale of products to end-users and not to stores for resale.
  22. (Retail) The sale of goods to individuals instead of to institutions or other stores. (Compare with wholesale .)
  23. (retail) The business of selling products and services to the public as the ultimate consumer.
  24. ("Retail") Means the sale of electricity to consumers.
  25. (133. RETAIL) The normal way the average individual purchases an automobile.