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restricts, 3rd person singular present; restricted, past participle; restricting, present participle; restricted, past tense;
  1. Put a limit on; keep under control
    • - some roads may have to be closed at peak times to restrict the number of visitors
  2. Deprive (someone or something) of freedom of movement or action
    • - cities can restrict groups of protesters from gathering on a residential street
  3. Limit someone to only doing or having (a particular thing) or staying in (a particular place)
    • - I shall restrict myself to a single example
  4. Limit something, esp. an activity, to (a particular place, time, or category of people)
    • - the zoological gardens were at first restricted to members and their guests
  5. Withhold (information) from general circulation or disclosure
    • - at first the government tried to restrict news of our involvement in Vietnam

  1. place restrictions on; "curtail drinking in school"
  2. place under restrictions; limit access to; "This substance is controlled"
  3. place limits on (extent or access); "restrict the use of this parking lot"; "limit the time you can spend with your friends"
  4. qualify: make more specific; "qualify these remarks"
  5. (restricted) subject to restriction or subjected to restriction; "of restricted importance"
  6. restricted in meaning; (as e.g. `man' in `a tall man')
  7. In the C programming language, as of the C99 standard, restrict is a keyword that can be used in pointer declarations. The restrict keyword is a declaration of intent given by the programmer to the compiler. ...
  8. (Restrictions (album)) Restrictions is the third and the last album by the original line-up of the American hard rock supergroup Cactus, released in 1971 under the Atco label. ...
  9. To restrain within bounds; to limit; to confine; as, to restrict worlds to a particular meaning; to restrict a patient to a certain diet; To consider (a function) as defined on a subset of its original domain
  10. (restricted) limited within bounds; available only to certain authorized groups of people; one of the classifications of the secrecy of an official document; qualified
  11. (Restricted) A condition within the letter of credit which restricts its negotiation to a named bank.
  12. (Restricted) Status of a tournament that indicates that it is only open to players who fit a certain requirement. An example of a requirement could be that a player must reside from a specific country or that a player is new to the site.
  13. (Restricted) As a participant in the Plan, all Employer/Producer contributions that are made on your behalf may be restricted. ...
  14. (Restricted) Placed on a list that dictates that the trader may not maintain positions, solicit business, or provide indications in a stock, but may serve as broker in agency trades after being properly cleared. ...
  15. (Restricted) Refers to when something that is regulated, prohibited or curbed, e.g. restricted stock options.
  16. (Restricted) restricting the viewability of pages is discouraged though this functionality is being investigated.
  17. (restricted) A term used to describe Site Locations. If a Location is restricted, only Items specifically assigned to the Location may be stored there. If a Location is not restricted, it will accept any Items from the same Site.
  18. (restricted) May be sold in the trade but are limited to very small amounts as undesirable contaminates.
  19. (Restricting) Oppression denotes structural and material constraints that significantly shape a person’s life chances and sense of possibility.
  20. (RESTRICTIONS) Hose, wands, filters, carpet, water, foam, voltage fluctuation (anything which impedes airflow).
  21. (RESTRICTIONS) Limitations on the use of property. Private restrictions are created by means of restrictive covenants written into real property instruments, such as deeds and leases.
  22. (restrictions) Limitations on the use or occupancy of real estate contained in a deed or in local ordinances pertaining to land use.
  23. (Restrictions) The contents of our Sites are protected by copyright and trademark laws, and are the property of their owners.  Dream Job Academy is trademarked by Pete Leibman, and all information on the Sites is copyrighted by Idealize Enterprises, LLC. ...
  24. (Restrictions) Certified copy of deed restrictions required by lender.
  25. (Restrictions) Often called restrictive covenants . Provisions in a deed or other instrument whereby an owner of land prohibits or restricts certain use, occupation or improvement of the land.