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Reacting quickly and positively,
  1. Reacting quickly and positively
    • - a flexible service that is responsive to changing social and economic patterns
  2. Responding readily and with interest or enthusiasm
    • - our most enthusiastic and responsive students
  3. Answering
    • - I'm distracted by a nibble on my line: I jig it several times, but there is no responsive tug
  4. (of a section of liturgy) Using responses

  1. containing or using responses; alternating; "responsive reading"; "antiphonal laughter"
  2. readily reacting or replying to people or events or stimuli; showing emotion; "children are often the quickest and most responsive members of the audience"
  3. reactive: reacting to a stimulus; "the skin of old persons is less reactive than that of younger persons"
  4. (responsiveness) responsive to stimulation
  5. (responsiveness) the quality of being responsive; reacting quickly; as a quality of people, it involves responding with emotion to people and events
  6. The responsiveness of an interactive system describes how quickly it responds to user input (i.e. the rate of communication with the system). It is one of the criteria under the principle of robustness (from a usability principle). ...
  7. Answering, replying or responding; Able to receive and respond to external stimuli; Using antiphons; antiphonal; Susceptible to the feelings of others
  8. (Responsively) In fiber optics, ratio of photodetector's electrical output to its optical input in Amperes/Watt.
  9. (Responsiveness) Generally, a comparative measurement of the time taken to respond to a particular stimulus. ...
  10. (Responsiveness) The ability of an instrument to detect clinically important change over time.
  11. (RESPONSIVENESS) Café Concepts has established a precedent in terms of customer satisfaction, that encompasses and combines our ideas and experience, together with broad customer feedback.
  12. (Responsiveness) Electronic Concepts is a "key account" oriented company. In order to support this philosophy, an account-manager system has been established, whereby one person assumes full responsibility for all aspects of customer support for an account. ...
  13. (Responsiveness) How easily a yo-yo will come back up when you tug on the string. A responsive yo-yo will come up immediately, and an unresponsive one won’t come back up at all.
  14. (Responsiveness) How responsive do you think this company was to information requests, issues, or problems that arose in the course of the transaction?
  15. (Responsiveness) If you have specific questions that are not answered by the material that we disclose here, or in the linked resources, we will address your concerns directly. Please go to our contact us page for contact options.
  16. (Responsiveness) Responsive behavior is characterized by being able to meet or have met real needs, and to communicate or understand needs in a timely fashion.
  17. (Responsiveness) Segment responds homogeneously to a specific marketing mix
  18. (Responsiveness) The ability of an instrument to measure differences in health states between individuals and also to measure changes in health states over time experienced by any one individual.
  19. (Responsiveness) The degree to which people control their emotions when relating to others; used in selling as an indicator of social style. See Social Styles; Amiable; Analytical; Driver; Expressive.
  20. (Responsiveness) The extent to which a shoe is light and flexible, allowing you to get a good feel for the ground and to push the pace.
  21. (Responsiveness) The probability of achieving adequate pain relief with an analgesic without encountering unmanageable side effects.
  22. (Responsiveness) The time it takes for the system to respond (an expected output) after inputting.
  23. (Responsiveness) companie’s ability to react quickly to its environment solicitations, by creating synergies or ressource flexibility
  24. (Responsiveness) term used to assess the ability of a scale (e.g. clinical rating scale) to detect meaningful clinical change, preferably over a relatively short period of time. This is done by paired t-tests or by measuring effect size [see also Effect size].
  25. (responsiveness) Describes a situation where the user can freely choose between unpredetermined alternatives; to operate intuitively. Cf. process-like.