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Slow to reveal emotion or opinions,
  1. Slow to reveal emotion or opinions
    • - he is a reserved, almost taciturn man
  2. Kept specially for a particular purpose or person
    • - a reserved seat

  1. set aside for the use of a particular person or party
  2. marked by self-restraint and reticence; "was habitually reserved in speech, withholding her opinion"-Victoria Sackville-West
  3. (reservedly) with reserve; in a reserved manner
  4. Held for a particular engagement or race. Also, held off the pace.
  5. Contrary to the usual way or position.
  6. A value or behavior is unspecified, but it is not allowed to be used by Conforming Documents nor to be supported by Conforming User Agents.
  7. One of several statuses that a .eu domain name can have. For more information on the reserved status, see the WHOIS status page.
  8. In stock items have shipped and a tracking number has been generated; the order is still open due to backordered items.
  9. Capacity or inventory allocated to a requirement but not yet used.
  10. keeping your ideas and thoughts to yourself: "He's reserved, but polite."
  11. the term “reserved” when used in the clause defining the coded bit stream, indicates that the value may be used in the future for ISO defined extensions. Unless otherwise specified within this ETS all “reserved” bits shall be set to “1”.
  12. Unused bits. Set to 0s.
  13. Reserved for future use.