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  1. research worker: a scientist who devotes himself to doing research
  2. A researcher is somebody who performs research, the search for knowledge or in general any systematic investigation to establish facts. Researchers can work in academic, industrial, government, or private institutions.
  3. Researcher (foaled May 5, 2004, in Virginia) is a Thoroughbred racehorse competing mostly in the United States. Bred by the Virginia Tech Foundation, Inc.
  4. One who researches
  5. (Researchers) (NT): ENTP, INTJ, INTP, ENTJ.
  6. (Researchers) Those who research the chronology of spirits discovered attempting to locate the origin, identify the behavior, learn the lifespan, powers and community associated with the spirit.
  7. (Researchers) can use this site to pilot and validate measures of word knowledge. Eventually, researchers interested in quantifying word knowledge can pilot and validate their own measures of word knowledge. ...
  8. (Researchers) often cause the problems in the first place, with their desire to analyse and categorise, though sometimes they are just trying to be polite. "African Independent Churches" sounded better than "Native Separatist Churches" - a term often used by colonial officials.
  9. (Researchers) scientists who study the effects of various things to expand our scientific knowledge
  10. A Grant Researcher writes, prepares, and/or searches for grant applications on their behalf, or on behalf of a company, organization, institution, or government, but do not plan to sign the grant application or its associated certifications and assurances.
  11. Person hired by the recipient organization of a UEY community to manage local research on the community's resources, coordinate data collections with the contractors responsible for EDI and PIDACS studies, and develop research reports on resource and community mapping to inform community action.
  12. A researcher must provide or confirm information for published materials written by other people. They do not receive writing credits for their work.
  13. Part of the three-member review team (scribe, operator, and researcher). This person investigates support documentation for needed information during the review process.
  14. A person who follows the scientific method to answer a question. Source: National Park Service
  15. Researchers are the people who do the research. They may do research for a living, and be based in a university, hospital or other institution, and/or they may be a service user or carer.
  16. The name of the U of T employee or position (e.g., Chair) who is the primary researcher on the application.
  17. A person who conducts research germane to the study of health and disease.
  18. (chercheur indépendant)
  19. [researching this one]
  20. The individual who conducts and directs the study and carries the primary responsibility for research.  The researcher is referred to as the Principle Investigator when acting as leader of a research team.