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requests, plural;
  1. Politely or formally ask for
    • - he received the information he had requested
    • - the chairman requested that the reports be considered
  2. Politely ask (someone) to do something
    • - the letter requested him to report to New York immediately
  1. An act of asking politely or formally for something
    • - a request for information
    • - the club's excursion was postponed at the request of some of the members
  2. A thing that is asked for
    • - to have our ideas taken seriously is surely a reasonable request
  3. An instruction to a computer to provide information or perform another function

  4. A tune or song played on a radio program, in some instances accompanied by a personal message, in response to a letter or call asking for it

  5. The state of being sought after
    • - human intelligence, which is in constant request in a family

  1. a formal message requesting something that is submitted to an authority
  2. express the need or desire for; ask for; "She requested an extra bed in her room"; "She called for room service"
  3. ask (a person) to do something; "She asked him to be here at noon"; "I requested that she type the entire manuscript"
  4. the verbal act of requesting
  5. inquire for (information); "I requested information from the secretary"
  6. (requested) asked for; "the requested aid is forthcoming"
  7. Request is the second album by the South African Gothic rock band The Awakening released during April 1998. Taking a step towards the New Romantic sound, Request brought the band more exposure and club rotation with three singles as well as their first music video for "Rain."
  8. (Requested) Anyone can request a change. The person making the change request may or may not be the same person that performs the analysis or implements the change. ...
  9. (Requesting) May I have a coffee? / Could you help me? etc.
  10. (Requests) Want to do some requests, or do you have a request? Post it here.
  11. (Requests) (or reports) have been renamed to analyses, and the term reports now refers to BI Publisher reports
  12. (Requests) A court of Equity inferior to Chancery, and abolished in 1665.
  13. (Requests) If given adequate time, we can even add that special song to the performance. We can also hire other costumes to suit your needs.
  14. (Requests) The number of times content is served up by a Web server to a requesting Web browser.
  15. (Requests) a petition made to a rights granting agency for the provision of an interest. Requests may or may not be subject to a formal application process
  16. (Requests) sometimes referred to as orders, Requests cover the process of applying for both copies and loans from our collection.
  17. (Requests) the public and the people dancing at clubs or parties may often request a song from the DJ. It depends what type of request it is, what type of party it is, and what type of DJ you are whether you play it or not.
  18. (requests) Illustration shows total head movement of 236 cylinders.
  19. Requests for proposals
  20. french-requests-4.ppt
  21. When a browser attempts to retrieve a page, or any of the elements within a page, from an internet server, it is said to be making a request.
  22. A request for a specific time period at a particular and resort.
  23. A command to the server is called a request. It is a single block of data sent over a connection.
  24. used in conjuction with patron requesting an item currently unavailable; when the item becomes available it may go into a Hold status to fill the request.
  25. Through the catalogue, you can request an item that is on loan to another person. They will receive an email and then must return the item to the Library earlier than the 'due date', so that you can borrow it. It can take about two weeks for a requested item to arrive.