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reprisals, plural;
  1. An act of retaliation
    • - three youths died in the reprisals that followed
    • - the threat of reprisal
  2. The forcible seizure of a foreign subject or their goods as an act of retaliation

  1. a retaliatory action against an enemy in wartime
  2. In warfare, a reprisal is a limited and deliberate violation of the laws of war to punish an enemy who has already broken them. A legally executed reprisal is not an .
  3. Reprisal is the fifth volume in a series of six novels known as The Adversary Cycle written by American author F. Paul Wilson. First published in July 1991 by Dark Harvest.
  4. act of retaliation
  5. Unlawful restraint, coercion or discrimination against complainants, their representatives, witnesses, EEO Counselors, investigators, and other agency officials with responsibility for processing EEO complaints.
  6. when someone retaliates against another for filing a charge of discrimination; or for participating in an investigation of a charge of discrimination; or for associating with someone of a different protected class status.
  7. Any action or threat of action against anyone for the good faith participation in the grievance procedure.
  8. (CV-35), laid down in July 1944 at the New York Navy Yard and launched in 1945, was scrapped incomplete after tests; and Iwo Jima (CV-46) was laid down at Newport News Shipbuilding yards in January 1945 but cancelled in August 1945 and broken up on the shipways. ...
  9. causing or attempting or conspiring to cause detriment to another person because or in the belief that:
  10. The act of punishing another for some injury the latter caused. In terms of INTERNATIONAL LAW, a reprisal is the forcible taking, in time of peace, by the government of one country of the property or territory belonging to another country or belonging to the citizens of the other country, as ...