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removals, plural;
  1. The action of removing someone or something, in particular

  2. The taking away of something unwanted
    • - the removal of the brain tumor
  3. The abolition of something
    • - the removal of all legal barriers to the free movement of goods
  4. The dismissal of someone from a job or office

  5. The transfer of furniture and other contents when moving from one house to another
    • - removal men

  1. the act of removing; "he had surgery for the removal of a malignancy"
  2. dismissal from office
  3. remove something concrete, as by lifting, pushing, or taking off, or remove something abstract; "remove a threat"; "remove a wrapper"; "Remove the dirty dishes from the table"; "take the gun from your pocket"; "This machine withdraws heat from the environment"
  4. (remove) degree of figurative distance or separation; "just one remove from madness" or "it imitates at many removes a Shakespearean tragedy";
  5. remove from a position or an office
  6. (remove) get rid of: dispose of; "Get rid of these old shoes!"; "The company got rid of all the dead wood"
  7. Removal is a Canadian instrumental rock band based in Vancouver, British Columbia. They have recorded and released six studio albums to date. ...
  8. (Remove (C)) remove is a function in C programming language that removes a certain file. It is included in the C standard library header file stdio.h.
  9. (Removed) In kinship terminology, a cousin is a relative with whom one shares a common ancestor (or ancestors). In modern usage, the term is rarely used when referring to a relative in one's own line of descent, or where there is a more specific term to describe the relationship: e.g. ...
  10. (The Removed) The Removed is a 2010 psychological thriller film directed by David McElroy and starring Daniel Baldwin, Tuckie White, and singer Alja Jackson.
  11. The process of moving, or the fact of being removed; The relocation of a business etc; The dismissal of someone from office; a funeral ceremony involving prayers and meeting of the family, usually at the home of the deceased, and normally held on the evening prior to burial
  12. (remove) The act of removing something, especially removing a dish at a meal in order to replace it with the next course; A dish thus replaced, or the replacement; (at some public schools) A division of the school, especially the form prior to last; A step or gradation (as in the phrase "at one ...
  13. (removed) Separated in time, space, or degree; Of a different generation, older or younger
  14. Removals are a subset of fellings (the commercial part destined for processing). The ‘Removals’ term should only be used in this forestry context, not as synonym for carbon sink. They are the 'opposite' of emissions of greenhouse gasses.
  15. Removals of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere through land use, land-use change and forestry (LULUCF) activities. Such removals may lead to the generation of RMUs, tCERs or lCERs. They are the 'opposite' of emissions of greenhouse gases.
  16. (Removals) Government-authorized and enforced departures of foreign nationals without legal permission to remain in the UK.
  17. (Remove) Removes the item identified by the specified key
  18. (remove) to take off; take away
  19. to remove the selected schema object in the tree list
  20. (remove(Object)) Removes the key (and its corresponding value) from this dictionary.
  21. (REMOVE) The action of removing an object from a container
  22. (Remove (Basic)) A button on the Basic tab that will remove selected items from a query. Click one item to select it. To select a series of items, click the first one, and Shift-click the last one. To select several separated items, Control-click each one.
  23. (Remove (Delete)) Deletes the currently selected record.
  24. (Remove) A post-period but commonly used word for a course of a feast, the period term being course.
  25. (Remove) Button in the Options Manager main screen that allows for easy deletion of Objects from the rule file.