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remanding, present participle; remands, 3rd person singular present; remanded, past participle; remanded, past tense;
  1. Place (a defendant) on bail or in custody, esp. when a trial is adjourned
    • - I had a seventeen-year-old son remanded to a drug-addiction program
  2. Return (a case) to a lower court for reconsideration
    • - the Supreme Court summarily vacated the opinion and remanded the matter back to the California Court of Appeal
  1. A committal to custody

  1. remit: refer (a matter or legal case) to another committee or authority or court for decision
  2. the act of sending an accused person back into custody to await trial (or the continuation of the trial)
  3. imprison: lock up or confine, in or as in a jail; "The suspects were imprisoned without trial"; "the murderer was incarcerated for the rest of his life"
  4. The term remand may be used to describe an action by an appellate court in which it remands, or sends back, a case to the trial court or lower appellate court for action.
  5. The detention of suspects is the process of keeping a person who has been arrested in a police-cell, prison or other detention centre before trial or sentencing. ...
  6. to put over a criminal proceeding to another date; unlike civil proceedings where an adjournment might be to an unfixed date, a remand requires the court to set a future date when the matter will come back before the court; see Adjournment;
  7. The period of time before a criminal charge is finally dealt with by the court
  8. To commit a person to prison, or to release them on bail, during a period of adjournment of a hearing of a criminal charge in the High or District Court. When a case is adjourned the defendant is remanded.
  9. Held in custody until next court appearance.
  10. An appeal returned to the regional office or medical facility where the claim originated.
  11. The process by which a higher court (such as the Supreme Court) sends a case back to a lower court. The lower court then issues a new decision that conforms to the higher court's ruling (return).
  12. Horizon Adult Remand Centre · Saint Andrew Juvenile Remand Centre
  13. To return a prisoner to custody until proceedings are resumed or the matter is set for further action.
  14. The legal term for returning the accused to custody to await further action.
  15. The  period between arrest and trial during which the accused is held in custody or released on bail.
  16. A remand is an instruction in the Order of a released decision which instructs an agency to reevaluate its action(s), redetermine eligibility, and/or recompute aid entitlements and alleged overpayments, etc. ...
  17. The committing of an accused, but not convicted, person into custody or to release on bail (with or without conditions) while awaiting a court hearing or trial. ...
  18. (1.) Send back a case to the trial court or lower appellate court for action or (2.) The imprisonment of criminal suspects awaiting trial or sentencing. A prisoner who is denied, refused or unable to meet the conditions of bail, or who is unable to post bail, may be held in a prison on remand.
  19. An order by the judge to the bailiff to take a person into custody directly from the court.
  20. When a defendant is not given the opportunity to leave custody on bail or on his or her own recognizance, or cannot afford to make bail, the individual is held on remand.
  21. A remand is an action by the FCC to return applications to USAC for further review and decision. (USAC/SLD Web Site: Acronyms and Terms List)
  22. When the basis of federal jurisdiction is resolved and only state claims remain to be litigated, the federal court must send the matter back to the state trial court. ...
  23. A legal order that temporarily places a child in the custody of the ACS Commissioner.
  24. to return from whence it came; when an order sends a cause back to the original court of jurisdiction
  25. This is when a criminal case is adjourned until further notice. Remand court is the court in which trial dates are set for criminal cases.