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Depend on with full trust or confidence,
  1. Depend on with full trust or confidence
    • - I know I can rely on your discretion
  2. Be dependent on
    • - the charity has to rely entirely on public donations

  1. trust: have confidence or faith in; "We can trust in God"; "Rely on your friends"; "bank on your good education"; "I swear by my grandmother's recipes"
  2. Rely was a brand of superabsorbent tampons made by Procter & Gamble starting in 1975. It was recalled from the market in September 1980 because it was linked to toxic shock syndrome.
  3. To rest with confidence, as when fully satisfied of the veracity, integrity, or ability of persons, or of the certainty of facts or of evidence; to have confidence; to trust; to depend; — with on, formerly also with in
  4. v. (pt, pp relied)  ~ on/upon sb/sth (to do sth) count or depend on sb/sth
  5. To place faint or confidence in someone or something. To place faith or confidence in someone or something.