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Arranged in or constituting a constant or definite pattern, esp. with the same space between individual instances,
  1. Arranged in or constituting a constant or definite pattern, esp. with the same space between individual instances
    • - place the flags at regular intervals
    • - a regular arrangement
  2. Happening in such a pattern with the same time between individual instances; recurring at short uniform intervals
    • - a regular monthly check
    • - her breathing became deeper, more regular
  3. (of a person) Doing the same thing or going to the same place with the same time between individual instances
    • - regular worshipers
  4. (of a structure or arrangement) Arranged in or constituting a symmetrical or harmonious pattern
    • - beautifully regular, heart-shaped leaves
  5. (of a person) Defecating or menstruating at predictable times

  6. Done or happening frequently
    • - regular border clashes
    • - parties were a fairly regular occurrence
  7. (of a person) Doing the same thing or going to the same place frequently
    • - a regular visitor
  8. Conforming to or governed by an accepted standard of procedure or convention
    • - policies carried on by his deputies through regular channels
  9. Of or belonging to the permanent professional armed forces of a country
    • - a regular soldier
  10. (of a person) Properly trained or qualified and pursuing a full-time occupation
    • - a strong distrust of regular doctors
  11. Subject to or bound by religious rule; belonging to a religious or monastic order
    • - the regular clergy
  12. Rightly so called; complete; absolute (used for emphasis)
    • - this place is a regular fisherman's paradise
  13. Used, done, or happening on a habitual basis; usual; customary
    • - I couldn't get an appointment with my regular barber
    • - our regular suppliers
  14. Of a normal or ordinary kind; not special
    • - it's richer than regular pasta
  15. (chiefly in commercial use) Denoting merchandise, esp. food or clothing, of average, medium, or standard size
    • - a shake and regular fries
  16. (of a person) Not pretentious or arrogant; ordinary and friendly
    • - advertising agencies who try to portray their candidates as regular guys
  17. (of coffee) Of a specified type, such as caffeinated, or prepared in a specified way, such as black or with cream
    • - one regular coffee and three decafs
  18. (in surfing and other board sports) With the left leg in front of the right on the board

  19. (of a word) Following the normal pattern of inflection
    • - a regular verb
  20. (of a figure) Having all sides and all angles equal
    • - a regular polygon
  21. (of a solid) Bounded by a number of equal figures

  22. (of a flower) Having radial symmetry

  1. A regular customer or member, for example of a bar, store, or team
    • - attracting a richer clientele as its regulars
  2. A regular member of the armed forces

  3. A member of a political party who is faithful to that party
    • - he plans to sell tickets to the big-money party regulars
  4. One of the regular clergy

  1. in accordance with fixed order or procedure or principle; "his regular calls on his customers"; "regular meals"; "regular duties"
  2. a regular patron; "an habitue of the racetrack"; "a bum who is a Central Park fixture"
  3. regular(a): often used as intensifiers; "a regular morass of details"; "a regular nincompoop"; "he's a veritable swine"
  4. a soldier in the regular army
  5. a dependable follower (especially in party politics); "he is one of the party regulars"
  6. conforming to a standard or pattern; "following the regular procedure of the legislature"; "a regular electrical outlet"
  7. In theoretical computer science, a regular language is a formal language (i.e., a possibly infinite set of finite sequences of symbols from a finite alphabet) that satisfies the following equivalent properties: * it can be accepted by a deterministic finite state machine. ...
  8. A member of the British Army (as opposed to a member of the Territorial Army or Reserve); A frequent, routine visitor to an establishment; A frequent customer, client or business partner; A coffee with one cream and one sugar; With constant frequency or pattern; Normal; ordinary; Obeying rules ...
  9. (REGULARLY) Steadily in practice or occurrence while following established usages or rules. Steadily in practice or occurrence while following established usages or rules.
  10. (Regularly) The limitations associated with the disability are persistent almost to the point of being continuous or uninterrupted.
  11. (Regularly) means the consistent and repeated doing of the act so described.
  12. (regularly) on a scheduled basis. See DFPS Rules, 40 TAC, §745.601(2).
  13. (regulars) comedians who appears frequently at a particular nightclub.
  14. (Regulars (as of Series 9)) Dougie Anderson · Greg Brady · Will Buckley · Steve Bunce · Gideon Coe · David Croft · Matt Dawson · Simon Day · Neil Delamere · Dion Dublin · Gail Emms · Perry Groves · Iyare Igiehon · Eddie Kadi · Des Kelly · Martin Kelner · Steve Lamacq · Bob Mills · Sue Mott · ...
  15. (Regulars) Users who visit a site or are exposed to specific digital media asset more than once (passers by) but less than 30 times (addicts) in a given month.
  16. (regulars) soldiers belonging to a regular army, one that is maintained during peace as well as in war.
  17. riding with the left foot forward on the snowboard.
  18. A shaft with normal flex.
  19. The early history of the third order regular is uncertain and is susceptible of controversy. Some attribute its foundation to St. Elizabeth of Hungary in 1228, others to Blessed Angelina of Marsciano in 1395. ...
  20. an Administrative, Service and Support staff member expected to work at least 75 percent FTE (full-time equivalency) with an indicated appointment duration of at least nine months and regularly scheduled to work a minimum average of 30 hours per week. ...
  21. These are users who are not admins and not guests. There can be any number of regular accounts.
  22. employment equity is a factor in the selection process if there is underrepresentation of one or more employment equity group in the level, classification, series or occupation within the civil service.
  23. living according to a rule; can refer to living in a monastic community or a community of regular canons
  24. (flowers), 1.) With all the flowering parts like each other. All the petals alike, all the sepals alike, etc... 2.) Uniform. 3.) Radially symetrical. 4.) Without a need for Ex-Lax.
  25. The principal grade of gasoline available at most gas stations. Formerly, a mid-grade gasoline sold during the era when economy grades were available.