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registries, plural;
  1. A place or office where registers or records are kept

  2. An official list or register
    • - a recognized purebred dog registry
  3. Registration

  4. The nationality of a merchant ship
    • - converted trawlers of local registry

  1. register: an official written record of names or events or transactions
  2. In housing, The Registry is a risk management tool used by landlords as a screening mechanism for prospective renters. ...
  3. A building in which things are registered or where registers are kept; A register; The act of registering; registration; A database of configurations etc maintained by the Windows operating system
  4. (Registries) Organizations that keep official records on specific subjects. With respect to dogs, there are registries of purebred dogs for tracking lineage and health registries for rating certain health conditions (e.g., Canine Eye Registry Foundation, Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, etc.).
  5. (Registries) Compiled data on individuals and families with cancer. Selected persons may choose to join a registry. The Clinical Genetics Service works with the cancer registries at RPCI including colorectal, breast, ovarian, pancreas and sarcoma. ...
  6. (Registries) “Electronic databases that track and record emissions and emission allowance holdings, retirements, cancellations and transfers.” (California Air Resources Board)
  7. An organization responsible for assigning domain names for the TLD that they manage. Furthermore, it is their responsibility to update the global DNS tables that all nameservers use to resolve domain names. For example, InterNIC is the registry for .COM, .NET and .ORG domain names.
  8. A system to provide management of metadata elements. See also metadata schema registry The DCMI Registry Working Group (WG) is the development of a metadata registry providing authoritative information regarding the DCMI vocabulary and the relationship between terms in that vocabulary.
  9. A mechanism whereby relevant repository items, and metadata about them, can be registered so that a pointer to their location, and all their metadata, can be retrieved as a result of a query.
  10. A publicly accessible database that tracks ownership of carbon offsets over their lifetime.
  11. A shared data base of authorized user call signs and gateways.
  12. A large, constantly changing file in Windows 95, containing details of how your computer is set up, and all the programs stored on the hard disk.
  13. An Internet domain name registry is an entity that receives domain name service (DNS) information from domain name registrars, inserts that information into a centralized database and propagates the information in Internet zone files on the Internet so that domain names can be found by users ...
  14. A database associating DNS information with an individual, a legal entity or operational entity for a specific domain name extension.
  15. The Registry in Windows operating systems in the central set of settings and information required to run the Windows computer.
  16. The country in which a vessel is registered. For tax purposes and some regulatory reasons, most cruise ships are registered in foreign countries. The Bahamas, Liberia, and Panama are favourites. Incidentally, if you are wed at sea, your wedding is registered in the nation of your ship's registry.
  17. A systematic collection of information on persons exposed to a specific substance or having specific diseases [see exposure registry and disease registry].
  18. A listing of the individual datasets, services or other things made available by an organization to CGDI users. ...
  19. A part of the Tribunal having administrative functions.
  20. A software system for the accounting of transactions in AAUs, RMUs, ERUs, CERs, tCERs and lCERs. Includes national registries and the CDM registry.
  21. A hierarchical attribute-value pair storage.
  22. The individual business offices of the CTTT that provide adminsitrative support to the dispute resolution and hearing functions of the CTTT.
  23. A permanent record of all Pinelands Development Credit Certificates issued, sold, conveyed, transferred, encumbered, redeemed, and retired. The PDC Bank maintains the registry.
  24. a system of ongoing registrations, such that cases of a disease or other health-relevant condition are defined in a population and can be related to a population base. Birth and death registration systems are examples. ...
  25. The registry is the entity that maintains and operates the .nz register on behalf of InternetNZ. Currently, it is the company known as NZRS.