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recoils, 3rd person singular present; recoiled, past tense; recoiled, past participle; recoiling, present participle;
  1. Suddenly spring or flinch back in fear, horror, or disgust
    • - he recoiled in horror
  2. Feel fear, horror, or disgust at the thought or prospect of something; shrink mentally
    • - Renee felt herself recoil at the very thought
  3. (of a gun) Move abruptly backward as a reaction on firing a bullet, shell, or other missile

  4. Rebound or spring back through force of impact or elasticity
    • - the muscle has the ability to recoil
  5. (of an action) Have an adverse reactive effect on (the originator)
    • - the soothsayers agreed that all the dangers would recoil on the heads of those who were in possession of the entrails
  1. The action of recoiling
    • - his body jerked with the recoil of the rifle

  1. the backward jerk of a gun when it is fired
  2. flinch: draw back, as with fear or pain; "she flinched when they showed the slaughtering of the calf"
  3. a movement back from an impact
  4. backfire: come back to the originator of an action with an undesired effect; "Your comments may backfire and cause you a lot of trouble"
  5. bounce: spring back; spring away from an impact; "The rubber ball bounced"; "These particles do not resile but they unite after they collide"
  6. kick back: spring back, as from a forceful thrust; "The gun kicked back into my shoulder"
  7. Recoil (often called kickback or simply kick) is the backward momentum of a gun when it is discharged. In technical terms, the recoil caused by the gun exactly balances the forward momentum of the projectile, according to Newton's third law. ...
  8. Recoil is a 1998 action/thriller film written by Richard Preston, Jr., produced by Richard Pepin and Joseph Merhi, directed by Art Camacho and starring Gary Daniels, Gregory A. McKinney, Robin Curtis and Richard Foronjy.
  9. Recoil is the fourth album released by the four-piece alternative metal music group, Nonpoint. It was their only release through Lava Records.
  10. Atomic recoil is the result of the interaction of an atom with an energetic elementary particle, when the momentum of the interacting particle is transferred to the atom as whole without altering non-translational degrees of freedom of the atom. It is a purely quantum phenomenon.
  11. Recoil is a musical project created by former Depeche Mode member Alan Wilder. Essentially a solo venture, Recoil began whilst Wilder was still in Depeche Mode as an outlet for his experimental, less pop-oriented compositions. ...
  12. Recoil is a fictional character from the toyline, comic books and cartoon series of the 1980s. He is the G.I. Joe team's L.R.R.P. (Long Range Recon Patrol, pronounced "Lurp") and debuted in 1989.
  13. The amount of energy transmitted back to the shooter from a firearm which has fired. Recoil is a function of the weight of the weapon, the weight of the projectile, and the speed at which it leaves the muzzle; To pull back, especially in disgust, horror or astonishment; To retire, withdraw
  14. Backward movement of the escape wheel during the unlocking process. It occurs when the exit pallet presses a tooth of the escape wheel backward.
  15. To draw back part of body upon contact with the ball. This absorbs the shock on impact.
  16. the distance through which a weapon moves backward after being discharged; commonly called KICK, to rebound ("every action has an equal and opposite reaction"); see BASS, SPOT WELD, BURST, DOUBLE TAP, FIREPOWER, SILENCER, PROLONGE. ...
  17. movement of an atom away from the direction of radiation emitted during radioactive decay
  18. A Combat Outcome, a recoil involves moving an element back one base depth without turning. An element unable to recoil due to terrain or other circumstances is destroyed.
  19. The force with which the gun moves backwards into the shoulder when fired.
  20. The tendency of the gun to move backwards as the projectile goes forward. Recoil can be mild enough that it is barely noticed, or sever enough to cause injury if the gun is not held properly. ...
  21. The backward thrust or "kick" of a gun caused by the reaction to the powder gases pushing the bullet through the bore and the jet effect of the gasses themselves.
  22. Nebulan partner to targetmaster Kup. Transformation is an old-style musket laser (??)
  23. The rearward movement of a gun when it is fired. This rearward movement pushes the butt of the rifle into the shooters shoulder. See also: felt recoil.
  24. the reaction that occurs when a mass is accelerated. The recoil direction is the opposite of the direction of acceleration.
  25. or "recoil thrower" is a flashlight design where the LED is mounted on an arm just under the center of the lens, facing backwards into the reflector. Such a light can produce a very intense hotspot with great throw and very little spill. ...