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Showing a desire to resist authority, control, or convention,
  1. Showing a desire to resist authority, control, or convention
    • - young people with a rebellious streak
  2. (of a person, city, or state) Engaged in opposition or armed resistance to an established government or ruler
    • - the rebellious republics
  3. (of a thing) Not easily handled or kept in place
    • - he smoothed back a rebellious lock of hair

  1. resisting control or authority; "temperamentally rebellious"; "a rebellious crew"
  2. disaffected: discontented as toward authority
  3. participating in organized resistance to a constituted government; "the rebelling confederacy"
  4. (rebelliousness) defiance: intentionally contemptuous behavior or attitude
  5. (rebelliousness) insubordination: an insubordinate act
  6. (rebellion) refusal to accept some authority or code or convention; "each generation must have its own rebellion"; "his body was in rebellion against fatigue"
  7. Rebellion is a refusal of obedience or order. It may, therefore, be seen as encompassing a range of behaviors from civil disobedience and mass nonviolent resistance, to violent and organized attempts to destroy an established authority such as a government. ...
  8. (Rebellion (2002)) Rebellion was an annual professional wrestling pay-per-view event held by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) that was exclusively for the United Kingdom on Sky Box Office. In 2002, the pay-per-view was a SmackDown! exclusive show. ...
  9. (Rebellion (2009 film)) Rebellion is an 2009 Hong Kong action/crime/thriller film directed by Herman Yau.
  10. (Rebellion (Britney Spears song)) Blackout is the fifth studio album by American pop singer Britney Spears, released by Jive Records on October 27, 2007. Spears began working on this album as early as February 2006, exploring into electropop, synthpop and techno. ...
  11. (Rebellion (developer)) Rebellion is a British computer games company, based in Oxford, who are most famous for the first Aliens vs. Predator computer game. Since 2000, it also publishes comic books and it launched its own book imprint, Abaddon Books, in 2006.
  12. (Rebellion (Escape Velocity)) Escape Velocity is a single-player role-playing space trading and combat game series first introduced in 1996 by Ambrosia Software for the Apple Macintosh. ...
  13. (Rebellion (Lies)) "Rebellion (Lies)" is a song by Canadian indie rock band Arcade Fire. It was the fourth single released from the band's debut album, Funeral. The single was released in both CD and DVD formats with the song "Brazil" as the B-side. ...
  14. (Rebellion (Mage Knight)) Mage Knight is a miniatures wargame using collectible figures, created by WizKids, Inc. The game was designed by founder Jordan Weisman along with Kevin Barrett. ...
  15. (Rebellion (manga volume)) One Piece is a shōnen manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda that has been translated into various languages and spawned a substantial media franchise. It follows the adventures of the seventeen-year-old boy Monkey D. ...
  16. (Rebellion) Open, organised and often armed opposition to a country’s government or ruler
  17. (rebellion) when a group refuses to submit to the authority of the larger group and starts a fight
  18. (REBELLION) Revolt is also the living body of spirit and expression. Rebellion is one of its incarnations for a brief moment. Nevertheless, revolt remains its matrix.
  19. (REBELLION) the open and organized defiance of authority or tradition, especially armed resistance against the government; to refuse compliance or allegiance; as derived from "renew war". Compare REVOLUTION, GUERRILLA WARFARE, INSURGENCY, COUP D'ETAT; see TREASON. ...
  20. (Rebellion) A response to being wronged by an authority in your life in which you refuse to submit to that person’s authority or obey a just command either in your heart or through physical action.
  21. (Rebellion) A revolt against the government that is in power. Often a rebellion involves combat between the government's army and the rebels who have organized to fight the government.
  22. (Rebellion) Publishers of 2000AD, Rebellion themselves are by means small press. However, starting in 2006, they have published 6-page excerpts from small press comics in their monthly title The Judge Dredd Megazine, accompanied by articles on the small press scene by Matthew Badham. ...
  23. (Rebellion) is a combination of the rejection of societal goals and means and a substitution of other goals and means.
  24. (Rebellion) was criticized despite ambitiously depicting diplomacy, espionage, and fleet movements within the Star Wars universe. ...
  25. (rebellion) Another response to discrimination, rebellions involve minorities "striking back" at the majority and venting their frustrations. At times, revolts can become extremely violent, mobilizing people for mass killings.