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rails, plural;
  1. Complain or protest strongly and persistently about
    • - he railed at human fickleness
  1. A secretive bird with drab gray and brown plumage, typically having a long bill and found in dense waterside vegetation

  1. railing: a barrier consisting of a horizontal bar and supports
  2. complain bitterly
  3. enclose with rails; "rail in the old graves"
  4. short for railway; "he traveled by rail"; "he was concerned with rail safety"
  5. track: a bar or pair of parallel bars of rolled steel making the railway along which railroad cars or other vehicles can roll
  6. a horizontal bar (usually of wood or metal)
  7. An approach lighting system, or ALS, is a lighting system installed on the approach end of an airport runway and consisting of a series of lightbars, strobe lights, or a combination of the two that extends outward from the runway end. ...
  8. Rail is a short 13.5 minute documentary film made by Geoffrey Jones for British Transport Films between 1963 and 1967, prompted by the success of Snow. ...
  9. Rail was an Australian band from Melbourne in the late 1990s. Dan Vertessy was the lead singer and songwriter. They featured Ashley Naylor from Even on guitar and released two albums of guitar pop. Their first album was titled Bad Hair Life, and contained the single "Immune Deficiency". ...
  10. Rail is an American rock band that briefly achieved national fame after winning the grand prize of MTV's Basement Tapes competition in 1983. Before starting their recording career the group was well known in the Seattle area under the names "Rail & Company" and "Rail & Co."
  11. The rails, or Rallidae, are a large cosmopolitan family of small to medium-sized birds. The family exhibits considerable diversity and the family also includes the crakes, coots, and gallinules. ...
  12. RAIL is a UK magazine on the subject of current rail transport in Great Britain. It is published every two weeks by Bauer and is available in the transport sections of many British bookshops, especially WH Smith. It is targeted primarily at a business (rail industry) readership.
  13. (Rails (racecourse)) White plastic rails are used to mark out the track on a racecourse. The stands rails are those nearest the grandstand and the far rails are those on the opposite side of the track from the grandstand. ...
  14. (Rails (Door)) The horizontal stiffening members of framed and paneled doors.
  15. (Rails) The dividing barrier between the Members Area and the Tattersall's.  Big bookmaking firms can be found here.
  16. (Rails) railguns, long-range hybrid turrets
  17. Ruby on Rails is an open source web application framework for the Ruby programming language.
  18. (Rails) The grooved area of the craps table where players keep their chips that are not in play
  19. (Rails) two horizontal areas on the door panel above and below the glass or embossing.
  20. (Rails) The horizontal bars that make up a jump.
  21. (RAILS) A bar of metal extending from one support to another.
  22. (Rails) A metal handrail which is used by snow boarders and skiers for sliding tricks.
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  24. (Rails) Envision a handrail, but it can be made of anything (including a stairway rail). They come in many shapes from straight to a roller coaster.
  25. (Rails) Hot rolled Rail Sections obtained upon hot rolling of Blooms/Billets. Used in rail ways/tram ways, on which rail/tram moves.