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puts, 3rd person singular present; put, past tense; put, past participle; putting, present participle;
  1. Try to hit a golf ball into a hole by striking it gently so that it rolls across the green
    • - Nicklaus putted for eagle on 11 of the 16 par 5s
    • - putt the balls into the hole

  1. putt: hitting a golf ball that is on the green using a putter; "his putting let him down today; he didn't sink a single putt over three feet"
  2. put into a certain place or abstract location; "Put your things here"; "Set the tray down"; "Set the dogs on the scent of the missing children"; "Place emphasis on a certain point"
  3. put option: the option to sell a given stock (or stock index or commodity future) at a given price before a given date
  4. (put) cause to be in a certain state; cause to be in a certain relation; "That song put me in awful good humor"; "put your ideas in writing"
  5. (put) frame: formulate in a particular style or language; "I wouldn't put it that way"; "She cast her request in very polite language"
  6. (put) attribute or give; "She put too much emphasis on her the last statement"; "He put all his efforts into this job"; "The teacher put an interesting twist to the interpretation of the story"
  7. Golf stroke mechanics is the means by which golfers make decisions (selecting clubs, selecting shots) and execute them (making shots) in the sport of golf. For all golfers, it consists of a pre-stroke: (in which golfer choose which club they want and their stance) and the actual stroke.
  8. (Pût) French conjugation is the creation of derived forms of a French verb from its principal parts by inflection. French verbs are conventionally divided into three conjugations (conjugaisons) with the following grouping: * 1st group: verbs ending in -er. ...
  9. (Put (band)) Put is a Croatian pop band from Rijeka.
  10. (Put (card game)) Put is an English tavern trick-taking card game first recorded in the 16th century and later castigated by 17th century moralists as one of ill repute . ...
  11. The action of the verb to put
  12. (put) A right to sell something at a predetermined price; A contract to sell a security at a set price on or before a certain date; To place something somewhere; To bring or set into a certain relation, state or condition; To exercise a put option; To express something in a certain manner
  13. (Put) An option one person has to sell an asset to another person at a set price at some established point in time in the future. ...
  14. (PUT (People Using Television)) PUT or persons using television at a particular time, is expressed as a percent of all persons in TV homes. PUT combines all persons viewing, rather than reporting specific program viewing. ...
  15. (PUT) nbsp An option to sell a specified number of shares of stock at a stated price within a specified period.
  16. (put(Object, Object)) Maps the specified key to the specified value in this dictionary.
  17. A put option gives the option buyer the right to sell a particular currency pair at a stated exchange rate.
  18. (Put) An option contract that gives the holder the right to sell the underlying security at a specified price for a certain, fixed period of time.
  19. (Put) It is the kind of options which gives buyers the right to sell the underlying currencies. And those who sold an option will be assigned a long currency position at the same time.
  20. (Put) An option to sell a security at a stated price.
  21. (Put) In options, the buyer of a put has the right to acquire a short position in the underlying contract at the strike price until the option expires; the seller (writer) of a put obligates himself to take a long position in the contract at the strike price if the buyer exercises his put.
  22. (PUT) An HTTP method used to send a file to a URI. In Rails RESTful routing, PUT maps to UPDATE, replacing content that was previously there with new content.
  23. (PUT) One of the four standard methods of REST and the iContact API that allows you to overwrite a resource with the data you provide in the request.
  24. (PUT) Program update tape.
  25. (PUT) Short for 'Pilot Under Training" or "Pilot Under Tuition".