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publishers, plural;
  1. A person or company that prepares and issues books, journals, music, or other works for sale
    • - the publishers of Vogue
    • - a commercial music publisher
  2. A newspaper proprietor

  1. a firm in the publishing business
  2. a person engaged in publishing periodicals or books or music
  3. the proprietor of a newspaper
  4. (publishing) publication: the business of issuing printed matter for sale or distribution
  5. Publishing is the process of production and dissemination of literature or information - the activity of making information available for public view. ...
  6. One who publishes, especially books
  7. (publishing) The industry of publishing, including the production and distribution of books, magazines, web sites, newspapers, etc
  8. (PUBLISHERS) The people who place ads and links on their web pages to advertise a merchants products or services. In return for this, publishers are paid, often through a third party.
  9. (Publishers) Add a cover image and description to your magazine or periodical.
  10. (Publishers) If you are a paying market send your needs and/or guidelines and they'll be printed in the Busy Freelancer e-zine. This is a free service.
  11. (Publishers) In games, “blood-sucking leeches who have no place in the future of digital distribution” (according to David Lau-Kee, see p 21). ...
  12. (publishers) 'Magnificent Magforum'- University of Westminster Journalism website
  13. (publishers) Segment of the print media industry responsible for the creation of content.
  14. Publishers are users participating with the Website to deliver advertisements. Publishers will receive 50% of all revenue paid by advertisers. ...
  15. Publishers help musicians give permission and collect payments when they share their compositions with others.  They also help musicians promote and distribute their compositions.
  16. (Publishing) whether via the web or from home computers, publishing in text, media or digital formats is increasing. Again this requires a huge overview of not only the content being published, but the process and product. ...
  17. (Publishing) The act of placing a Report Object in production to make it available to Information Consumers with proper access to the report.
  18. (Publishing) which includes document management, is the process of accepting the authors work, assisting to refine the content, and making the document publicly available.
  19. (Publishing) generally involves the procedures of proofreading, peer or public reviewing, authorizing, and approving etc.   In the context of collaboration, publishing refers to finalised web media for public or selective viewing
  20. (8. Publishing) A & H Co.., S.r.o. may publish photographs of participants for publicity and marketing purposes. Customer data can be used only after prior approval by the client.
  21. (Publishing) (a Web site) Consists of transferring all the Web site's files and folders to a Web server.
  22. (Publishing) AmazonEncore · AmazonCrossing · Breakthrough Novel Award · Powered by Amazon · Montlake Romance · Thomas & Mercer
  23. (Publishing) Newspapers, Magazines, Trade Journals, House Organs
  24. (Publishing) Publication refers to printing of several copies in series.
  25. (Publishing) The process of exporting the flash movie files into different file formats is known as “publishing”. “swf” files are created using this process.