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publications, plural;
  1. The preparation and issuing of a book, journal, piece of music, or other work for public sale
    • - the publication of her first novel
  2. A book, journal, etc. issued for public sale
    • - scientific publications
  3. The action of making something generally known
    • - the publication of April trade figures

  1. a copy of a printed work offered for distribution
  2. issue: the act of issuing printed materials
  3. the communication of something to the public; making information generally known
  4. the business of issuing printed matter for sale or distribution
  5. To publish is to make content available to the public. URL last accessed 2010-05-10.. URL last accessed 2010-05-10. . ...
  6. (publicate) To publish or make publicly known
  7. (PUBLICATIONS) Theta Chi Fraternity has a number of publications for undergraduates and alumni.
  8. (PUBLICATIONS) Documents printed or otherwise produced for wide distribution inside or outside an agency. Include annual reports, brochures, pamphlets, posters, books, handbooks, and maps. Also include instructional and informational materials in audiovisual form. According to 44 U.S.C. ...
  9. (PUBLICATIONS) Sarah Jersey (May 2003) "Development of the Geotechnical Engineering Entries for the Electronic Encyclopedia of Earthquakes," M.S. Thesis, Univ. of Texas at Austin
  10. (PUBLICATIONS) Urbanfirefighter Magazine
  11. (Publications) Articles in journals, conference proceedings, books or chapters of books, where researchers publish their findings. Peer-reviewed journals have more academic weight than non-peer reviewed journals.
  12. (Publications) Books, manuals, and publications of the Bureau of Reclamation may be obtained from the National Technical Information Service (NTIS), U.S. Department of Commerce, 5285 Port Royal Road, Springfield, VA 22161, 1-800-553-6847, or 703-487-4650.
  13. (Publications) Books, textbooks, booklets, bulletins, circulars, pamphlets, reports, information releases, exhibits, demonstrations, and other scholarly or popular writings regardless of medium;
  14. (Publications) Documents created and reproduced for distribution and dissemination (e.g. directories, newsletters, and catalogs.)
  15. (Publications) Flooring Trends 2010 Design Quarterly Article by Inez Braz
  16. (Publications) Generic term (German: Pressepost) covering preferred periodicals, standard periodicals and wrapper-packed newspapers.
  17. (Publications) Jack’s photographs and articles appear frequently in Astronomy Magazine and his images have a worldwide following in various magazines including Skynews (Canada) and Sterne und Weltraum (Max Plank Institute, Germany). ...
  18. (Publications) Mark Merlino, Rod O'Riley, Jazmyn Concolor, Sky Rigdon, Dean Hellerud, John Stanley
  19. (Publications) Newsletters, brochures, booklets, posters, reports intended for distribution to the public, media advertisements, presentation materials created for major conferences or other statewide events sponsored by the Department, miscellaneous items such as bookmarks, labels and folders.
  20. (Publications) Notices are published so that creditors, and others with an interest in the estate, have an opportunity to collect debts or contact the legal representatives. They include announcements, advertisements, notices to heirs, notices of sales, and notices to creditors. ...
  21. (Publications) Radeloff, V. C., R. B. Hammer, S. I Stewart, J. S. Fried, S. S. Holcomb, and J. F. McKeefry. 2005. The Wildland Urban Interface in the United States. Ecological Applications 15:799-805. PDF (contains color, 0.3 Mb)
  22. (Publications) The Award Recipient is expected to share scientific findings in a timely manner through scientific publications and/or presentations. ...
  23. (Publications) WHMIS After GHS: Preparing for Change
  24. (publications) Compiled by the legislative staff, these can include booklets or mailings that update constitutents on current issues or provide information on a wide range of issues. ...
  25. (publications) Printed material to communicate to the members of an organization.