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provisos, plural;
  1. A condition attached to an agreement
    • - he left his unborn grandchild a trust fund with the proviso that he be named after the old man

  1. provision: a stipulated condition; "he accepted subject to one provision"
  2. In a general appropriations bill, language used to qualify or restrict a specific appropriation.
  3. A condition or qualification to a statement or action.
  4. A clause in a bill that sets out specific exceptions to the general law.
  5. A condition in a policy which must be observed failing the policy may be invalidated.
  6. A condition upon which the general validity of a contract is based.
  7. A statement attached to bylaws, but not part of them, that prescribes certain temporary rules for their implementation.
  8. a policy condition whose observance is essential for the enforcement of the contract.
  9. There is an important proviso: Section 2.02(8) also states that “willfully” should not be translated into “knowingly” if “a purpose to impose further requirements appears.”