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proofs, plural;
  1. Able to withstand something damaging; resistant
    • - the marine battle armor was proof against most weapons
    • - the system comes with idiot-proof instructions
  2. Denoting a trial impression of a page or printed work
    • - a proof copy is sent up for checking
  1. Make (fabric) waterproof
    • - the tent is made from proofed nylon
  2. Make a proof of (a printed work, engraving, etc.)
    • - proofing could be done on a low-cost printer
  3. Proofread (a text)
    • - a book about dinosaurs was being proofed by the publisher
  4. Activate (yeast) by the addition of liquid

  5. Knead (dough) until light and smooth

  6. (of dough) Prove
    • - shape into a baguette and let proof for a few minutes
  1. Evidence or argument establishing or helping to establish a fact or the truth of a statement
    • - you will be asked to give proof of your identity
    • - this is not a proof for the existence of God
  2. The spoken or written evidence in a trial

  3. The action or process of establishing the truth of a statement
    • - it shifts the onus of proof in convictions from the police to the public
  4. A test or trial

  5. A series of stages in the resolution of a mathematical or philosophical problem

  6. A trial print of something, in particular

  7. A trial impression of a page, taken from type or film and used for making corrections before final printing

  8. A trial photographic print made for initial selection

  9. Each of a number of impressions from an engraved plate, esp. (in commercial printing) of a limited number before the ordinary issue is printed and before an inscription or signature is added

  10. Any of various preliminary impressions of coins struck as specimens

  11. The strength of distilled alcoholic liquor, relative to proof spirit taken as a standard of 100
    • - powerful 132-proof rum

  1. any factual evidence that helps to establish the truth of something; "if you have any proof for what you say, now is the time to produce it"
  2. make or take a proof of, such as a photographic negative, an etching, or typeset
  3. proof(p): (used in combination or as a suffix) able to withstand; "temptation-proof"; "childproof locks"
  4. a formal series of statements showing that if one thing is true something else necessarily follows from it
  5. knead to reach proper lightness; "proof dough"
  6. a measure of alcoholic strength expressed as an integer twice the percentage of alcohol present (by volume)
  7. Proof is a 1991 Australian film by Jocelyn Moorhouse starring Hugo Weaving, Geneviève Picot and Russell Crowe. ...
  8. Proof is a 2005 American drama film directed by John Madden and starring Anthony Hopkins, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Hope Davis; it was written by Rebecca Miller, based on David Auburn's Pulitzer Prize-winning play of the same title.
  9. Alcohol proof is a measure of how much alcohol (ethanol) is contained in an alcoholic beverage. The term was originally used in the United Kingdom and was defined as 7/4 times the alcohol by volume (abv). The UK now uses the abv standard instead of alcohol proof. ...
  10. Proof coinage means special early samples of a coin issue, historically made for checking the dies and for archival purposes, but nowadays often struck in greater numbers specially for coin collectors (numismatists). Many countries now issue them.
  11. Proof is an American comic book series, published by Image Comics and created by writer Alex Grecian and artist Riley Rossmo. The story concerns John "Proof" Prufrock, a sasquatch, who works for a secret government organization. ...
  12. A proof test is a test wherein a deliberately overpressured round is fired from a firearm in order to verify that the firearm is not defective and will not explode on firing. ...
  13. An effort, process, or operation designed to establish or discover a fact or truth; an act of testing; a test; a trial; The degree of evidence which convinces the mind of any truth or fact, and produces belief; a test by facts or arguments which induce, or tend to induce, certainty of the ...
  14. (Proofs) Precede the published book. The normal course of events would be galley proof, uncorrected bound proof, and advance reading copy bound in paper wraps.
  15. Proofs of all work may be submitted for customer’s approval and the printer shall incur no liability for any errors not corrected by the customer in proofs so submitted. Customer’s alterations and additional proofs necessitated thereby shall be charged extra. ...
  16. (Proofs) A trial print used for proofreading.
  17. (Proofs) Trial impressions from a die or printing plate that are made before the formal production of stamps. Such proofs are made to check defects in the plate work or design of the stamps.
  18. (Proofs) A black and white paper proof will be furnished at no extra charge. If changes are made, there will be a $20.00 charge for each additional faxed proof. Furnishing a proof requires additional production time.
  19. (12. Proofs) prints made at various stages during the creative process to act as guidelines for further stages to change, correct or improve the image.
  20. (8. Proofs) After we have received your full payment and your wording form, a Jpeg/PDF proof of your chosen invitation and layout will be emailed to you.  You have the chance at this stage to request any changes(up to four before an additional fee  of $10 per alteration will be charged)
  21. (PROOFS) As explained when you  Click  Here ,  these are processes within the QBs system whereby one financial report areas MUST agree with others.  The overall objective is to be able to double check on yourself.
  22. (PROOFS) Black-and-white photocopies of the typeset composition used to mark corrections. Proofs are not supplied unless requested.
  23. (PROOFS) If we have not been given printing approval after 14 days a 5% charge of the total value of the original order will be made plus a £10.00 administration fee.
  24. (PROOFS) The unedited image you receive from a photographer. It often says PROOF across the image.  Normally you would receive a proof sheet, proof website page or proof disk.  All images will be small or low resolution.
  25. (Proofs) A proof via email will be sent within 2-3 working days upon receipt of full payment and submission of any guest information. Changes or corrections to your proofs will be issued via email. Final responsibility for approving all information rests with the client. ...