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Producing or able to produce large amounts of goods, crops, or other commodities,
  1. Producing or able to produce large amounts of goods, crops, or other commodities
    • - the most productive employees
  2. Relating to or engaged in the production of goods, crops, or other commodities
    • - the country's productive capacity
  3. Achieving or producing a significant amount or result
    • - a long and productive career
    • - the therapy sessions became more productive
  4. Producing or giving rise to
    • - the unconscious is limitlessly productive of dreams, myths, stories
  5. (of a morpheme or other linguistic unit) Currently used in forming new words or expressions
    • - many suffixes are common and productive
  6. (of a cough) That raises mucus from the respiratory tract

  1. producing or capable of producing (especially abundantly); "productive farmland"; "his productive years"; "a productive collaboration"
  2. generative: having the ability to produce or originate; "generative power"; "generative forces"
  3. yielding positive results
  4. fat: marked by great fruitfulness; "fertile farmland"; "a fat land"; "a productive vineyard"; "rich soil"
  5. In linguistics, productivity is the degree to which native speakers use a particular grammatical process, especially in word formation. ...
  6. Productivity is a measure of output from a production process, per unit of input. For example, labor productivity is typically measured as a ratio of output per labor-hour, an input. Productivity may be conceived of as a metric of the technical or engineering efficiency of production. ...
  7. (Productivity (ecology)) In ecology, productivity or production refers to the rate of generation of biomass in an ecosystem. It is usually expressed in units of mass per unit surface (or volume) per unit time, for instance grams per square metre per day. ...
  8. Capable of producing something, especially in abundance; fertile; yielding good or useful results; constructive; Of, or relating to the creation of goods or services; consistently applicable to any of an open set of words
  9. (productivity) the state of being productive, fertile or efficient; the rate at which goods or services are produced by a standard population of workers; the rate at which crops are grown on a standard area of land
  10. (Productivity) (in agriculture): The relationship between the average real output of economically usable products, divided by an index of all fixed and variable inputs. ...
  11. (Productivity) A measure of the capacity of a biological system. Also used as a measure of the efficiency with which a biological system converts energy into growth and production.
  12. (productivity) The overall output of goods and services produced, divided by the inputs needed to generate that output.
  13. (Productivity) The output of an organisation or individual in relation to the materials, labour, etc. it employs or consumes.
  14. (Productivity) A measure of the amount of manufactured product compared to the amount of input material.
  15. (Productivity) The efficiency with which the factors of production are used. It can be calculated by taking total output and dividing by the number of factors of production. The higher this figure, the more productive the factors of production are.
  16. (Productivity) the number of young produced per pair of birds, or the reproductive performance of the population, estimated as the proportion of young in the total population just after the breeding season (Ricklefs 1972:417).
  17. (Productivity) Ratio of DSLOC to TMM
  18. (productivity) the amount of bodily tissue that a plant or animal adds to its weight in a certain time period
  19. (2. Productivity) Just think about giving the customers what they are really looking for. It is like reading their mind. Personalization can help to achieve that. That will definately affect the sales in a positive way.
  20. (PRODUCTIVITY) The ratio of real GNP to total hours worked in the nation, where real GNP is GROSS NATIONAL PRODUCT expressed in constant dollars (adjusted for inflation). Productivity is loosely defined as the output of an average worker over a period of one year. ...
  21. (Productivity (Health-Related)) a measure of worker output impacted by the worker’s health status.
  22. (Productivity (biological)) The rate at which photosynthetic or chemical energy is used by organisms to create organic substances.
  23. (Productivity) A basic feature of language; the ability to use the rules of one's language to create new expressions comprehensible to other speakers.
  24. (Productivity) A measure of resource utilization efficiency defined as the sum of the outputs divided by the sum of the inputs.
  25. (Productivity) A term describing the relative capacity of an area to sustain a supply of goods and/or services in the long run.