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productions, plural;
  1. The action of making or manufacturing from components or raw materials, or the process of being so manufactured
    • - the production of chemical weapons
    • - it is no longer in production
  2. The harvesting or refinement of something natural
    • - nonintensive methods of food production
  3. The total amount of something that is manufactured, harvested, or refined
    • - steel production had peaked in 1974
  4. The creation or formation of something as part of a physical, biological, or chemical process
    • - excess production of collagen by the liver
  5. Denoting a car or other vehicle that has been manufactured in large numbers

  6. The process of or financial and administrative management involved in making a movie, play, or record
    • - the movie was still in production
    • - a production company
  7. A movie, play, or record, esp. when viewed in terms of its making or staging
    • - this production updates the play and sets it in the sixties
  8. The overall sound of a musical recording; the way a record is produced
    • - the record's production is gloriously relaxed

  1. the act or process of producing something; "Shakespeare's production of poetry was enormous"; "the production of white blood cells"
  2. a presentation for the stage or screen or radio or television; "have you seen the new production of Hamlet?"
  3. product: an artifact that has been created by someone or some process; "they improve their product every year"; "they export most of their agricultural production"
  4. (law) the act of exhibiting in a court of law; "the appellate court demanded the production of all documents"
  5. output: the quantity of something (as a commodity) that is created (usually within a given period of time); "production was up in the second quarter"
  6. a display that is exaggerated or unduly complicated; "she tends to make a big production out of nothing"
  7. A production or production rule in computer science is a rewrite rule specifying a symbol substitution that can be recursively performed to generate new symbol sequences. ...
  8. (Produce (developer)) Produce is a Japanese video game company. Founded in April 6, 1990 by former Irem employees, it developed a number of games for both Enix and Hudson Soft. They have created games for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo 64, PlayStation, and TurboGrafx-16 systems.
  9. the act of producing; the act of being produced; the total amount produced; the presentation of a theatrical work; an occasion or activity made more complicated than necessary; that which is manufactured or is ready for manufacturing in volume (as opposed to a prototype or conceptual model)
  10. (produce) Items produced; Amount produced; Harvested agricultural goods collectively, especially vegetables and fruit; Offspring; Livestock and pet food supplies; To yield, make or manufacture; To make (a thing) available to a person, an authority, etc; (media) To sponsor and present (a ...
  11. (productions) Evidence in support of a party’s contentions usually takes the form of either of evidence of witnesses given in court or evidence derived from documents, plans or other such items. ...
  12. (212 Productions) will be hosting Marilyn Manson's fourth art exhibition in Mexico City on November 5th, 2011. Price of admission is yet to be determined however, it has been announced that one day per week there will be no entry fee and the exhibition will be open to the general public.
  13. (Productions) Things which are shown in court as evidence such as letters or clothes.
  14. The productions of the CFG are as follows:
  15. (PRODUCE) The offspring of a mare
  16. (PRODUCE) strategic action plans that are simple and are easy to follow
  17. (Produce(r)) Something edible to an animal; food that grows on a plant or is the plant, which may be eaten by animals (food produced by a plant).
  18. (Produce) Command used to obtain catalog cards, add the record to a file or tape you receive via the MARC Record Subscription service or generate an item on an accessions list.
  19. (Produce) The things that farmers grow or make to eat, use, and sell.
  20. (Produce) To continue or extend.
  21. (Produce) material that has been approved for disposal and which has a residual value, for example as scrap metal.
  22. (Produce) that which is yielded
  23. (Produce) when used in relation to special nuclear material, means: (1) To manufacture, make, produce, or refine special nuclear material; (2) to separate special nuclear material from other substances in which such material may be contained; or (3) to make or to produce new special nuclear ...
  24. (produce) (v) buzarģa, çıģarırģa, etеrgе, işlеrgе, körgüztürgе
  25. (produce) (v/n): to lead forward, bring forth. A factory might produce clothing, baseball gloves, or chocolate candy. But at the grocery store, the produce section has foods brought forth from the earth: apples, lettuce, potatoes, et cetera.