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products, plural;
  1. An article or substance that is manufactured or refined for sale
    • - marketing products and services
    • - dairy products
  2. A substance produced during a natural, chemical, or manufacturing process
    • - waste products
  3. A thing or person that is the result of an action or process
    • - his daughter, the product of his first marriage
  4. A person whose character and identity have been formed by a particular period or situation
    • - an aging academic who is a product of the 1960s
  5. Commercially manufactured articles, esp. recordings, viewed collectively
    • - too much product of too little quality
  6. A quantity obtained by multiplying quantities together, or from an analogous algebraic operation

  1. merchandise: commodities offered for sale; "good business depends on having good merchandise"; "that store offers a variety of products"
  2. an artifact that has been created by someone or some process; "they improve their product every year"; "they export most of their agricultural production"
  3. a quantity obtained by multiplication; "the product of 2 and 3 is 6"
  4. a chemical substance formed as a result of a chemical reaction; "a product of lime and nitric acid"
  5. a consequence of someone's efforts or of a particular set of circumstances; "skill is the product of hours of practice"; "his reaction was the product of hunger and fatigue"
  6. intersection: the set of elements common to two or more sets; "the set of red hats is the intersection of the set of hats and the set of red things"
  7. Product is the second album by Norwegian group De Press. It was released in 1982, and was produced by John Leckie.
  8. In biochemistry, a product is something "manufactured" by an enzyme from its substrate. For example the products of Lactase are Galactose and Glucose, which are produced from the substrate Lactose.
  9. Product is an album by Brand X, originally released in 1979.
  10. The noun product is defined as a "thing produced by labor or effort" or the "result of an act or a process", and stems from the verb produce, from the Latin prōdūce(re) '(to) lead or bring forth'. Since 1575, the word "product" has referred to anything produced. ...
  11. Product(s) are formed during chemical reactions as reagents are consumed. Products have lower energy than the reagents and are produced during the reaction according to the second law of thermodynamics. ...
  12. In mathematics, a product is the result of multiplying, or an expression that identifies factors to be multiplied. The order in which real or complex numbers are multiplied has no bearing on the product; this is known as the commutative law of multiplication. ...
  13. Products are sold singly unless otherwise stated. Every effort is made to ensure the colours depicted on the site match as closely as possible those of the actual product. Due to technical limitations, some colours may vary.
  14. (Products) Refined substances made from crude oil. Gasoline, fuel oil, butane and a host of various other petroleum products that we transport in pipelines.
  15. (“products”) means products manufactured or procured for the customer by Wickliffe;
  16. (1) Products) Lighting EVER may discontinue any product at any time without notice. The product prices displayed on this Site do not include shipping and handling or sales taxes, if applicable, which will be added to your total invoice price.
  17. (Products) DWK Technologies Inc continually upgrades and revises its products and service offerings. DWK Technologies may revise and discontinue products at any time without prior notice to customers. ...
  18. (“Products”) the products listed on the Website for purchase;
  19. (Products) Product availability, product descriptions and product prices are subject to change by Merchant at any time without prior notice.  Product descriptions and product images are provided as accurately as possible and serve as an informational guideline only. ...
  20. ("Products") training products including but not limited to courseware, certification packages, exam vouchers, generic e-learning;
  21. (1.1.12 Products) means the Products for sale on Angela Stone Consulting Limited Online Shopping;
  22. (PRODUCTS) Chiliad Discovery/Alert
  23. (PRODUCTS) Sections 1 thru 7 shall apply to any Sales Order in which Customer has agreed to acquire Product(s) from Walker ITG. In the event Customer only acquires Service(s) these terms shall not apply:
  24. (PRODUCTS) The J.P.HITON® products depicted in this Site are representative of the J.P.HITON® collection. Not all J.P.HITON® products are shown in this Site. The style, designs and colors of the J.P.HITON® products shown in this Site may be changed without notice. Information J.P. ...
  25. (PRODUCTS) The things created by reactants.