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proclamations, plural;
  1. A public or official announcement, esp. one dealing with a matter of great importance
    • - Eisenhower signed a proclamation admitting Alaska to the Union
  2. The public or official announcement of such a matter
    • - the government restricted the use of water by proclamation
  3. A clear declaration of something
    • - the proclamation of his passion

  1. announcement: a formal public statement; "the government made an announcement about changes in the drug war"; "a declaration of independence"
  2. the formal act of proclaiming; giving public notice; "his promulgation of the policy proved to be premature"
  3. A proclamation (Lat. proclamare, to make public by announcement) is an official declaration.
  4. Dale Ratzlaff (19??) is an evangelical Christian known for his departure from the Seventh-day Adventist Church and subsequent criticism of the church and its beliefs, particularly the Sabbath and the inspiration of church co-founder Ellen G. White.
  5. The Proclamation (Proglašenije/Πρоглашеније) of 1809 refers to the political document of Serbian revolution which marked the foundation of modern Serbia. It was issued by Karadjordje in the newly appointed capital Belgrade, which represented the peak of the Serbian revolution. ...
  6. The proclamation issued by the Governor or the Senate President and House Speaker jointly to call the Florida Legislature into a special session. It states the reason for the session, the issues to be addressed during the session, and the length of the session. Also referred to as "the Call."
  7. An official notice or order issued by the President. A Parliament, as well as its sessions, are begun and ended by proclamation.
  8. A proclamation is a document given by the Mayor and Council to formally recognize an individual, an organization, a special event, an achievement, or cause. Proclamations are generally read at the public meetings and presented to the person or group being recognized. ...
  9. A repetition of the announcement made at a karma with a call requesting disagreeing opinions from the assembly.
  10. a type of [ephemera] consisting of an official notice bearing the word "proclamation" in the [headline].
  11. could be recorded on a land owner's title prior to 1993 and was a public notice that an authority, usually the crown, intended to acquire part or all of the land for a public purpose. ...
  12. An act that formally declares to the general public that the government has acted in a particular way. A written or printed document issued by a superior government executive, such as the president or governor, which sets out such a declaration by the government.
  13. (1984, in Paris with Ngashie Niarchos)
  14. an official government announcement.
  15. n. a global declaration.